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I still give zero fucks about these new characters
Tonight's episode of True Blood made me scratch my head a bit. Is it wrong to say a show about supernaturals might be stretching it a bit?

Here's why: When we check back at Fangtasia, Tara is still writhing in pain, because apparently it didn't occur to Pam to try to pull that bullet out of Tara? Luckily Eric shows up and uses a beer bottle to get the newly made silver bullet that emits UV light out of her body. That's right. There's now silver light up UV bullets AND special contacts that some how prevent humans from being glamoured. You know, I thought mind control had more to do with THE MIND AND NOT THE ACTUAL EYE BALL? Apparently I'm wrong, which happens sometimes.

Apparently Eric's plan of action is to seduce the governor's totally not a teenage daughter. We don't know what Nora's plan of action is yet. (Hopefully it's meeting the true death.)

Sookie gets called into work. (FINALLY. Seriously she's got to be the worst employee ever) and she ends up helping out another half fae named Ben. This guy is supposed to be her new love interest this season. Since he's not Eric, I don't give a fuck about him and hope this ends soon.

I'm bummed we were robbed a scene of Sookie at Merlotte's. Those are my favorite True Blood scenes. Watch seasons 1 and 2 again. Many of those stories centered around Merlotte's, and they were great. I miss that.

We did however get Terry and Arlene talking to Patrick's pregnant wife. You remember Patrick, right? He's Terry's friend that was in that God-awful ifirit story last season. This was a waste of time, I don't want to be reminded of that shit. Sam was also approached by a girl that I already know I won't give a fuck about,who wanted him to come out as a shifter. Sam's not having it, and for good reason.

Later, Emma's grandmother, Alcide, and his number 2 bitch show up to take Emma into their pack. Sam's not having it, and as much as I love him, I kind of have to side with the grandmother here. The pack will probably be the safest place for her. (Also Sam has no legal right to Emma, so there's that.) Annoying girl that I already don't give a fuck about taped their entire altercation on her phone, and I sighed because I'm already over that shit.

Jason found out at the beginning of this episode that the old man that he hitched a ride from was his fairy grandfather, Niall. Now here's where shit started getting weird. Warlow was apparently in some alternate universe, and is now free. Niall tells Sookie that their essentially fairy royalty, and there's one power he can give her that will kill a vampire...once..and after she uses it, she'll be fae no more. Seriously.

gif via absinthius

I know, this is a fantasy show. But Niall telling Sookie that there's a power to kill vampires, that she can only use once, and will lose her powers afterwards, that's really fucking stretching it. If such a power existed, wouldn't the fairies have used it when Russell Edgington was trying to attack them last season? Wouldn't Claudine have used it when Eric was sucking her dry in season 4? Where the fuck did this come from?

And finally, we get to Bill and Jessica. Their scenes were my favorite, despite one terrible use of CGI..

Bill spent most of this episode vegged out in a chair, but in his mind, he was speaking to Lillith. He is starting to feel other vampire's pain, and see terrible things before they happen. Lillith says he can help, and he'll know what to do. Jessica attempts to give him a blood doner to break him from his trance, and without moving, he manages to bend this woman like a doll and suck all of the blood right out of her. Now I admit, that would sound pretty terrifying on paper, but it didn't really look the best on screen. (It kind of reminded me of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Voldemort has the Muggle Studies teacher all contorted and floating above the table at the beginning of the book) Then Jessica says a really sweet prayer, and Bill comes too. I really liked that moment for Jess, and now I'm also convinced that she's getting axed this season.

I didn't hate this episode. In fact, I think they've set us up for quite an interesting season, but I really felt like the show jumped the shark here. There's so many errors in continuity. Am I going to stop watching True Blood? Hell no! I love this show. This is just the first time that I've really felt like they didn't put a whole lot of thought into this. Hopefully I'm wrong.


  1. I think the fairy power is only in the "royal fairy family", that's why they didn't use it before... at least that's what I understood. Anyway, I don't like this storyline, Warlock is quite boring and distracting. Also I agree, I don't care for the LA girls nor Ben either, it feels like it's taking precious screen time from other important and more interesting characters, which are already so many. But I suppose we'll know their purpose later on.

    Honestly, I was hoping they would do the opposite of what they did last season, clean it up, go back to basics. But instead they keep adding characters and crazy storylines. I'll keep watching too, though.

    1. Ahh, you're right. I just re-watched it. It still feels out of left field. I was hoping they would tone it down and stick with the original characters as well. The writers pretty much acknowledged last season that they had too much stuff going on, and it seems like they are going in the same direction. They're getting two less episodes this season than last as well. I hope they can keep it together and make it better than last season.

  2. "Since he's not Eric, I don't give a fuck about him and hope this ends soon." - yep. Though this new guy is kinda cute :P

    I kinda don't understand why they made Bill this vampire god whatever, he is acting like before - I thought he will be some sort of supervillain and they have him sitting in a chair through 95% of the episode :) I do like his scenes with Jessica, though, very sweet moments.

    1. After last night's episode, I think he's leaning more towards villain status. I'd rather him be the bad guy, than to save everyone at the end. I think the True Blood writers have a hard on for Bill.


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