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Who Are You, Really?
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After a disastrous season 5, True Blood is starting right where we left off, with Bill turning into Bilith and subsequently confusing/scaring the hell out of everyone.
Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Nora, Jessica, and Jason all escape the Authority's headquarters and try to figure out what they should do about Bill. They know it's no longer him, but they can't agree on how they should handle the situation. Then Nora drops a bombshell. Warlow, the same Warlow that killed Sookie and Jason's parents is actually IN the vampire bible, and he was Lilith's progeny. Jason gets angry at Sookie for protecting her vampire friends and storms off, Pam points out the fact that Nora is annoying as hell, and Eric gets annoyed with her. I'm not a fan of that. Nora is one character I hope meets the true death sooner rather than later. The Pam/Eric dynamic is one of the funniest things about this show, and Pam/Tara ain't cutting it.
Tara and Pam head back to Fangtasia, and Tara tries to get Pam to forget Eric. She never will. Terrible advise on Tara's part.
We see the governor of Louisiana who tells a group of people that they will be protecting humans, not vampires. He implements a curfew for vampires, and closes down all vampire owned businesses. Later, we see him make a deal with a Tru Blood big wig to use a factory for free to reproduce Tru Blood until their bombed factories get up and running. Fun fact - LA has the highest vampire population in the States.
Sam, Luna, and Emma also escape the Authority, unfortunately Luna doesn't make it. She makes Sam promise to keep her daughter safe. I feel bad for Sam, it seems like all of his love interests die. I also wish they would've cast a better actress to play Emma, because man that little girl is bad. Later, they head to Merlotte's were Lafayette informs Sam that Luna's shifting is all over national TV. That was our only Lafayette moment this episode. :(
Andy and Arlene have a heart to heart on what Andy is going to do with his four daughters he ended up with last season. Apparently when full fae mate with humans their children age rapidly. That's new.
Alcide is naked, and has a threesome.
Jason hitches a ride with an old man, tells him his life story, then surprise, this old guy is apparently already knows everything about the Stackhouses. Shocking, I know. Not really
Bill summons Jessica, and he practically rips her apart while doing so. Sookie goes with her to find Bill, who no longer looks like Bilith. He tries to explain he doesn't know what he has become. Suddenly, Eric and Nora show up and Bill somehow over powers the much older Eric, this causes Sookie to actually stake Bill. Only the stake doesn't work. Bill looks just as surprised as everyone else that she would do that, and it only irritates Jessica who stays with Bill and makes everyone leave. They have a little heart to heart later where Bill tells her she must keep him grounded.
Eric takes Sookie home, and signs the rights to her house back over to her. He tells her she'll always be "that girl in the white dress." and she admits she wants to go back to being that - and rescinds his invitation to her house. That was heartbreaking. Eric and Sookie had so much chemistry in just this one scene, it was insane. I truly hope they get them back together, because I need more of that. Nora also notes that Sookie is Eric's weakness. 
Overall, I'm pleased with this premiere. I've always loved True Blood, and it really bothered me that last season sucked so much. From what I've been reading in interviews with the cast, they are trying to keep it in Bon Temps this season. Not as many story lines, and bringing everyone together. That is something I can look forward to.


  1. "Alcide is naked, and has a threesome. "

    Haha, I've just watched first two episodes and I was like WOAH when this happened, Alcide is sure going o have a good time as a packmaster :)

    1. I'm a little torn on Alcide. He's fucking gorgeous, but his character just should just be occasionally re-occurring. Not a regular.


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