DVD Review: Zero Day

What could happen when bullies drive their victims to a certain point.
Zero Day came to my attention when Alex Withrow of And So It Begins.. did a list of his top 10 favorite found footage movies. While I don't care much for the genre itself, there were a few on that list that sounded intriguing. This is one of them.
Calvin (Cal Robertson) and Andre (Andre Keuck) are two angry teenagers that call themselves 'The Army of Two.' they've declared war on their school and plan on shooting it up on 'Zero Day.' We're watching this movie via Andre's video camera, as they've made a diary of sorts, kept the tapes in a safety deposit box and bequeathed it to 'The Media.'
This movie felt really authentic to me. No one in it looked like an actor, this could've easily been real. It's sad to hear how angry these boys are. How sick they are of their classmates tormenting them. There's scenes of the boys hanging out with their obviously loving parents, and it's a shame to know that their sons are about to commit a terrible crime and leave them behind. The actual crime is shown through security footage from their school, and its pretty terrifying, but isn't gratuitous in it's violence, but man it is hard to watch.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "Don't think about that, we love you." - Andre (Andre Keuck)


  1. Wow, had no idea you took some recommendations from my list. That's so cool! And thanks for the link, by the way.

    This is a pretty tough one to stomach. Very real, very raw. So unsettling.

    1. I did! Home Movie is the other one that's sitting in my Netflix queue.

    2. That's some creepy shit right there.

  2. This sounds interesting, especially since it sounds like it's convincingly "real." This is one I'd like to check out.

    1. Yeah, it's a little funny to say "those two kids looked nothing like actors." But they don't. They are easily kids I could've gone to high school with.

  3. A very interesting idea I must say. I think the found footage genre is in overdrive right now, but this is one example where it is being used for something other than horror. I shall keep a lookout for this one. Thanks


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