Rambling TV: True Blood, Breaking Bad, and The Newsroom

Can Jesse Pinkman show up at my house and throw a stack of Benjamins in my driveway?
Fair warning, this week and next are going to be kind of a cluster fuck for my Rambling TV, True Blood, Breaking Bad, AND The Newsroom are all on, but it's True Blood's season finale next week, so after that I'll be back to recapping two shows.
True Blood
True Blood did something kind of extraordinary last night, they only had TWO storylines going on in the episode. Shocker, I know, so recapping it will be quite short.
Story number one was Terry's funeral, we got many of our favorite characters from Merlotte's sharing stories about Terry, plus a few flashbacks. I thought these scenes were great in showing how Terry affected everyone. One bombshell Sookie dropped was that she was a telepath. This is the first time she's said that to anyone that wasn't her close friend, but even with that, she still managed to make it about Arlene and not about herself. She told Arlene what Terry thought of her on her first night, and it was so damn sweet. Plus I loved Lafayette teaching Terry how to "sexy the dip" when putting fries into the deep fryer.
Story number two was Eric heading over to vamp camp, freeing all of the vampires and having them attack the humans. There's one scene were he ripped some guy's dick off and let him bleed out. He finds Pam's shrink, who brags about fucking her, and as Jason pulls one of the best "Oh no you di-n'ts!" I have ever seen, Eric calmly tells him that he's not going to kill him...he's going to bring him to Pam so she can. Classic.
Sarah Newlin escaped the massacre and runs up into the tower to have the vampires locked in the white room meet the sun, when she opens the door, all except Steve Newlin are feeding off Bill, being immune to the light. Eric doesn't let Steve drink any blood, and holds him under the sun. Steve's last words were "I always loved you....Jason Stackhouse!" Awkward. I wonder if these vampires will only temporarily be able to walk in the sun, or if they'll be doing this all the time now. I hope it's temporary. Bill doesn't go back to Lillith's naked minions when they ask, instead he walks away with the other vampires.
Two things I'm not really happy with. Jason had the chance to kill Sarah, but he let her go as he didn't want any more blood on his hands. I really wanted him to shoot her in the face, damn. I'm sure she meets her death in the next episode, I just really wanted Jason to end it here. Another thing was Eric leaving. He wasn't shown in next week's teaser either. This makes me nervous. I really hope they wouldn't write Eric out, that would be beyond stupid. Plus, I think they'd lose a significant amount of viewers. I know what you're thinking, "one character won't make people stop watching." I urge you to check out the True Blood fandom and see how much people love Eric. They WOULD stop watching. Alexander Skarsgard's contract apparently ends after season 6, where as all the other leads are contracted to season 7. This little tidbit makes me even more nervous. So I really hope the writers are just fucking with all of us, and Eric will return to save Sookie from Warlow.
Breaking Bad
The episode started with another flash forward. A bearded Walt shows up at his old house, which is abandoned with a tone of graffiti, and kids are skateboarding in the empty pool. 'Heisenberg' is spray painted across the wall in his living room. Some serious shit is about to go down.
Back in present day, Hank is recovering from the shock that Walter was the cooker he was looking for all along. He tells Marie he's sick, and stays home from work, but not before getting all of his files delivered to him to go over again.
Things seems to be going okay with Walt and Skylar, they have a decent conversation about the future of their car wash business, until Lydia shows up and tells Walt their product fell under 68% purity. He's unwilling to help her, and when Skylar catches on, she basically tells her to fuck off and never come here again. Something tells me we won't be seeing the last of Lydia.
Poor Jesse is the one suffering the most. He's still torn up about everything he's done. He tries to get Saul to give his money to Mike's grand daughter, Kaylee, and to the missing boy that they killed's parents. Saul calls Walt, and Walt returns all of the money to Jesse, and they have a little heart to heart. Jesse thinks Walt killed Mike. Walt swears her didn't. (which we know is a lie) It's scenes like this between Jesse and Walt that break my heart. Think of when their relationship started. While it was rocky at first, Walt kind of filled in on the father-figure role that Jesse always craved. Especially in season three. Like when Jesse breaks down in Walt's arms after Jane's death, or when Walt accidentally calls Junior "Jesse" when they're in his condo. It's moments like these when I think despite what they are doing, Walt and Jesse are made for each other. But Walt has screwed Jesse so many times, it's heartbreaking to watch. When Jesse finds out about everything, Jane, Brock, Mike, who knows what will happen.
Hank staying home "sick" eventually gets back to Walt, and he finds a GPS tracker on his car. He confronts Hank, and swiftly receives a punch in the face. Hanks on to him, but Walt tells him his cancer is back and they both know he'll never see the inside of a jail cell. The cancer will get him first, even if Hank could prove it was him. He challenges Hank to "tread lightly." At first I was surprised we got this confrontation so early, but then again, there's only seven episodes left, and we have to get the ball rolling somehow.
The Newsroom
Here's a few things we learned from this episode of The Newsroom.
1) The interaction between Don and Sloan was fantastic. I think they'll eventually make a really great couple, but I don't see it getting rushed in to.
2) Bonus points for Sloan kicking her ex in the balls, punching him in the face, AND taking a picture of it. Classic.
3) I never thought Don would become one of my favorite characters to watch after season 1.
4) Concerned Jim is pretty hot, but I was really hoping we'd get the scene of him and Maggie talking after he had read her HR report. I guess not.
5) Poor Neal.
6) MacKenzie was acting like a total bitch in this episode, but then she goes and justifies the whole thing at the end when she's talking to that student. She still owes Neal an apology.
7) Jeff Daniels really killed it tonight. The look on his face when he tells Mac his dead passed, that was devastating.
8) The plot thickens with Genoa, I'm loving this "fake" storyline. I know it's getting its fair share of critics, but I like it so far.
9) They talked about Trayvon Martin, I am making myself a mental note to go over to IMDb to read about people bitching.
10) I still hate Reese, can Sloan punch him in the face too?
11) Maggie is apparently turned into a lush post Africa. I think I would too. At first the time line confused me a little, because her hair was still long and blonde. Last week's episode made me think she cut it right away.


  1. One episode to go for True Blood. I've been turned off on the show for a while, but keep watching it anyway, which leads to: I'm not entirely sure I agree with your Eric analysis. I think there would be an outburst of "I'M NEVER WATCHING THE SHOW AGAIN!!!!!!!!!" after the season ended. But by the time the next season rolled around, that'd pass and people would be back. You could be right though. /shrug. Do you watch Downton Abbey?

    If you see Jesse tossing out stacks of money, have him stop by me too!


    1. I'm not sure if they'd come back, Charlaine Harris' last book literally dropped in sales when the general public became aware that Sookie wasn't going to end up with Eric in the end. I don't watch Downton Abbey.

  2. I just heard an MPR interview w/ Daniels on Newsroom, sounds like a good show. But I'm sooo horrible about keeping up w/ shows, haven't even finished Downton Abbey season 1 :(

    1. It's very interesting, I'm finding the second season to be so much better than the first.

  3. I love your description of that Newsroom episode.

    I never thought I’d like Don this much too. But his “No, no…” was perfect.

    Seriously, why does everyone fucking HATE Neal? Weird.

    One of the series highlights for me was that kick/punch/snap by Sloan. Olivia Munn does some of the best work out of anyone on that show. She sells her character so well.

    1. I agree! Munn is great. I didn't have very high hopes of her at first, but she does some awesome things with Sloan.

  4. I'm actually hoping Sarah makes it through to the next season, she is so much fun to watch! I heard Eric is in the next episode and we see a part of his body that will make 'woman and gay men' happy :)

    About BB I'm so intrigued with the flashforward. Clearly people know Walt is Heisenberg, so I wonder when and how this all goes public. I just hope baby Holy will survive, killing little kids is a big no no for me in TV shows.


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