Rambling TV: True Blood episode 6.8: Dead Meat

+ Things we learned from The Newsroom ep 2.4
We start things off with Bill telling Eric they still have work to do. Eric has zero time for this shit and starts taunting Bill for being too weak to tell Sookie to give him Warlow. He brings up the fact that she staked him. Bill dares to call Eric's maker Godric, weak.
Alcide's Shreveport back story is hopefully wrapped up. Nothing to see here.
We find out the old vampire that claimed Jason is named Violet and she's a medieval Catholic who "believes in the sanctity of their union." She's going to feed off his as she sees fit, and not share him with anyone else. Eventually, he's going to beg her to fuck him. Poor Jason.
Sookie goes back to Warlow to tell him Bill's plan, he says he'll do it if Sookie agrees to be his. He's wanted to her 6,000 years despite her only being around for what, 25? He wants to turn her. She says she'll need some time to think about it. If I were her, I'd say yes then blast him with her faery light once she's done. I'm a bitch like that. Eric overhears her complaining about men as she leaves the cemetery.
Jessica and James finally get caught in their conference room, and we got a great one liner from Pam about fucking her shrink on their way back to Gen pop.
Sam has a sad moment cleaning out Terry's cubby at Merlotte's, then Alcide ruins it by showing up and saying that Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About and her mother are in his trailer.. Gahhhhhhhhh!!!
Sam and Alicide are drinking in the bar and we find out that weres and shifters can smell pregnancy after what, 2 weeks? Because of course Sam needs to knock some chick up after just losing Luna and her child. Is there really nothing better for Sam to do?
Bill and Sookie have another moment together about their plan, and Bill essentially tells Sookie he doesn't give a fuck about anything that happens to her. Sookie calls him a "motherfucking monster" as she leaves, and I kind of wondered if Bill really doesn't care that much.
We got this awesome moment between Sarah and Steve Newlin. You see, Sarah found out some vampires were refusing Tru Blood, and that Steve was one of them. She decides he's the easiest to break, so she has him running on a giant hamster wheel and tells him that it's "scientifically impossible for him to be running that fucking slow!" God, that was hilarious. I hate the Newlins, but I actually felt a little bad for Steve here. Of course he spilled the beans because he's a little bitch.
Now this next scene felt out of place. We have Sam and Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About telling each other "I love you" in his bar. (Really, after two weeks?) Her mother is getting real tired of her shit, suddenly Sookie shows up. How Sam doesn't order her to work right now is a little beyond me. Where are his waitresses? She tells him about her light and how if she lets it go, she'll be normal. She's telling him this because she always assumed they'd end up together. He tells her that she's always put him aside for a more dangerous person. That's true. He tells her Nicole is pregnant. That whole thing was just weird. What about Luna, Sam? You know she wouldn't be happy for you moving on this quickly.
Arlene freaks out at Terry's mother and sister over his funeral, and her, Holly, and Andy have a really sweet group hug outside the funeral home. Arlene wants carnations because they're fucking happy. How awesome is Chris Bauer (Andy) this season? He's really killing it.
Sookie went to her parent's grave to blow off some steam. Really great acting by Anna Paquin here, but I still think the story of her parent's trying to kill her is bullshit. If Sookie was in the trunk of her parent's car, why did Warlow only smell her bandaid in the flashback? Why didn't Claudine do something about it? Didn't Sookie already say she was with her Grandparents when they drove off? This story has so many damn holes. Later she returns Jason's message he left her and she asks about Niall. It's about fucking time, you'd think she would be a little curious as to where that fucker ran off too.
The spokeswoman for Tru Blood showed up demanding the governor, she gets Sarah instead. She sees the research facility within the factory, and cunt punches Sarah to get by her. After a run into male gen pop and a little girl fight, Sarah, I shit you not, kills this girl with her stiletto. Holy shit. THEN she thanks Jesus afterwards! Oh my God, someone kill Sarah! I love her character, but I want her to die so badly.
Eric, still hanging around the cemetery catches Adilyn with Holly's boys. He glamours them and drinks from her. This scene will make sense in a minute.
The scientists overhear Violet, Pam, Willa, Tara, and Jessica talking about not drinking Tru Blood, so they get thrown in the ominous white room with James and Steve. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.
Sookie and Bill meet at the cemetery, and she takes him to Faery land. They find Warlow wounded. Someone drank from him. It was Eric. He used Adilyn to find the faery hideout. This entire episode, I was hoping Eric and Sookie would meet. They haven't had a scene together since episode two. I'm disappointed, but at the same time I'm in total "Fuck yeah, Eric!" mode. I'd rather him save the day than Bill.
There's only two episodes left of True Blood this year. (Since we're getting screwed out of our normal 12 episodes due to Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's pregnancy. I know that sounds horrible.) Hopefully these last two episodes are focused more on Vamp Camp and less on other things. Unless they involve killing off Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About and that storyline all together.
The Newsroom episode 2.4 Unintended Consequences.
1) This was definitely Alison Pill's episode. Maggie was front and center, and what happened in Africa was heartbreaking. I have to admit, it did not go where I expected it too. I assumed that she was raped and Gary was probably dead. Neither of those things happened, but what did was still an awful conclusion. I just can't handle children dying in movies/tv anymore. It's always been sad, but I think there's just something about being a parent that makes watching/reading things like that 100 times worse. You don't have to be a parent to be devastated by something like that, but personally, I think it's made me a bit more of a wuss.
2) Also I stand behind Maggie's excuse to cut and dye her hair. I think I would've too after that.
3) Don didn't get a lot to do in this episode, but his character is still really growing on me.
4) The girl playing Shellie Wexler is doing a fantastic job.
5) Poor Neal, getting punched for being honest.
6) Poor Jim, getting fucked for being honest. Oh, wait...
7) I'm still not feeling the Hallie character.
8) Sloan sipping her drink after Neal called her smug was hilarious.
9) Will really took a back seat in this episode, but I loved his segment with Wexler.
10) Charlie is so fucking weird.




  1. I realized about 2 minutes in that this would be a Maggie-centric episode, which caused me to audibly groan. There isn't a character on television I find more grating than her. But it wasn't half bad. Removing her from the Don/Jim nonsense was a good call. When this show isn't focused on personal relationships, it's pretty compelling. I'm digging this season so far...

    1. I am too. Even though I like Jim and Maggie together, I like the fact that the relationships all around are taking a back seat. I have a love/hate relationship with Maggie. I find her completely immature and I have no idea how she still has a job at ACN sometimes, and other times I appreciate her awkwardness. I like the fact that she's really trying hard to be good at her job. I think this experience for her will make her less of a spaz, and I think most viewers would appreciate her more if she was toned down.

  2. I don't get that Bill/Sookie dynamics. When Lafayette was drowning her Bill went all "SOOKEH!!" and now we are back to Bill "I'm too cool to care" bullshit. I sometimes wonder if the writers even remember what happened an episode before.


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