DVD Review: Plush

I love stories with damaged characters.
But there comes a point where I'm watching a story play out, and I think. "Yeah, this shit is getting a little too weird for me." That's kind of how I felt watching Plush.

Hayley (Emily Browning) fronts a hard rock band with her brother, Jack. (Thomas Dekker) They're obviously close and did the majority of the song writing together. When Jack dies of an overdose, he's replaced with the mysterious and flamboyant Enzo. (Xavier Samuel) Enzo and Hayley start a dark affair, despite her being married with children. Like most affairs, this one is going to come back and bite Hayley in the ass.

I really wanted to like this film. I'm a huge fan of Browning and I sought this one out just for her. She's good, like always, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. I had no idea this was directed by Catherine Hardwicke either until the opening credits began. The film definitely had some stylish shots that were reminiscent of Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown, but then again, there was some awful Twilight-like scenes in there too, particularly between Hayley and Enzo when they're out in the forest. (of course.) Hayley is a bit of an alcoholic and is too dependent on her Xanax, and we can tell right away that the film is going to go into some dark places, but Enzo is so off the wall crazy that I legitimately cannot understand why Hayley would go for him in the first place. (Even their sex scenes looked more painful and creepy than erotic) That is what was completely unbelievable.

Sure, she's having issues. But apparently crazy, kinky Enzo is more interesting than her gorgeous husband, beautiful children, and nice house? Really? When the film goes into full thriller mode, it just felt like there was a few unnecessary "twists" thrown in. The final scene is what makes this movie completely implode.

I'm sorry Plush, I wanted to like you. I love your leading lady and I dug the music. I dug the entire opening sequence. But you are just a little too weird for me.

Recommended: No

Grade: C-

Memorable Quote - "In order to create, you have to embrace the dark side." Enzo (Xaiver Samuel)


  1. I wanted to check this out for Browning's performance, but I might just skip it.

    1. It is SO bad and I love Emily Browning. I've watched a lot of bad things for her.

  2. Oh man, this film really sunk to the deep depths of a place I really didn't want to go.

    Sure, the 'twist' as it were was obvious from the get-go (it didn't seem from the opening shot they were really keeping it a secret) but there were so many things that didn't work for it. Saying that, though, I did get a good laugh out of a lot of the moments in it, like with every scene Enzo was in.

    I dug the music like you did, too. Probably the only thing that stuck with me when I was watching it (and then again it sounded more like a weird hybrid baby of The White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

    1. God, when Enzo yelled "everything I did, I did for love" was probably one of the most ridiculous scenes. I feel bad for Emily Browning. She deserves better.


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