How did I fair with my 'Must See Movies of 2013?'

It's that time of year to change my 'Must See' movies on my side bar. Here's how I faired in 2013. I didn't get to see everything on my list, and some like Night Moves, The Green Inferno, and Only Lovers Left Alive got moved to 2014 releases. I'll be posting my 'Best of 2013' list around Mid-January, so I can catch up on the ones I haven't graded yet.

1) Don Jon (B)
2) Side Effects (B)
3) Iron Man 3 (B+)
4) Thor: The Dark World (A-)
5) The East (A)
6) The Place Beyond The Pines (C+)
7) Star Trek Into Darkness (A)
8) Night Moves (moved to 2014)
9) CBGB (B)
10) Charlie Countryman (A)
11) What Maisie Knew (A)
12) Evil Dead (B-)
13) Mama (C+)
14) Warm Bodies (B+)
15) Blackfish (A)
16) Trance (B)
17) The Green Inferno (moved to 2014)
18) Catching Fire (A)
19) The Spectacular Now (B+)
20) Ain't Them Bodies Saints (B+)
21) A.C.O.D (C)
22) Kill Your Darlings (A)
23) Magic Magic (B-)
24) Anchorman 2 (B-)
25) American Hustle (A+)
26) Her (A+)
27) The Wolf of Wall Street (A+)
28) 12 Years a Slave (A)
29) Prisoners (A+)
30) The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (moved to 2014)
31) Only Lovers Left Alive (moved to 2014)
32) The Counselor (C+)
33) Gravity (A-)
34) A Promise (C-)


  1. You did great! I am excited that Prisoners earned an A+ from you -- that's one of the next films Sarah and I are planning to see.

    1. I LOVED Prisoners. It kills me that it's not getting any Oscar buzz.

  2. Nice job catching your must-see list! Boy I can't friggin' wait to see Only Lovers Left Alive!! Mostly for Hiddles but I also love the pairing w/ Tilda Swinton!

    1. Hiddleston is the reason I want to see it too. I can handle him all shirtless and angsty.

  3. I really love this list! Setting it as my example of what from 2013 I still have to catch up on. Really looking forward to Prisoners, too. :P

  4. Great job. I love seeing those A+'s for Prisoners and The Wolf of Wall Street!


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