Rambling TV: Thoughts on True Detective + more

Rambling TV is back! I finally have some new shows to watch. (and I'll have to find more considering Breaking Bad is done. True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, AND The Newsroom will all end this year. ) This is also going to be the true definition of "rambling" because I have two weeks worth of stuff here.

True Detective - Episode 1.1: The Long Bright Dark

*This is a new series on HBO starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. While that sounds like a great cast, apparently each season of this show may feature different characters, kind of like American Horror Story, only they won't reuse the actors? Or so I've heard..

*Hart (Harrelson) and Cohle (McConaughey) are easily the two most pleasant guys on the planet. They are detectives that come together to solve a strange murder in 1995. We're being told this story in 2012 via interviews by these men, who had an apparent falling out in 2002. We don't know over what yet.

*I was getting series West Memphis 3 vibes from this. The crime scene is possibly "satanic." They're in the deep south. There's missing kids involved.

*Overall, I'm very interested in seeing where this goes.

Episode 1.2: Seeing Things

*All the Percy Jackson fanboys got what they've always wanted - to see Alexandra Daddario competely naked.

*We learn that Hart is having an affair, and we got a little background on what happened to Cohle's daughter and his marriage.

*It's funny, not a lot happened in this episode, but it was all still so damn interesting. That's how you know you have good writing. The characters may not have found anything huge until the end, but we learned a lot on the way.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - episode 1.11: The Magical Place

*This was a surprisingly good episode, considered it focused the most on Skye.

*We found out what really happened to Coulson after he died in the Avengers. For those of you who want to know without actually watching this show - SPOILER ALERT - Coulson wasn't dead for 8 seconds like he previously said. He was dead for several days. According to a doctor, Nick Fury "moved mountains" to bring Coulson back to life. He had several operations using techniques that normal physicians wouldn't dream of using. We get a shot of some sort of robot working on Coulson's exposed brain while he screams "Just let me die." He had gone through so much pain and torment that the doctors gave him the happy Tahiti memory in place of it all, so he wouldn't have to re-live it again. 

*It's nice to see Fitz getting a little more personality. He was notably darker in this episode. Simmons continued to innocently eye fuck Ward.

The Big Bang Theory - I've decided I can't write about that show anymore. It no longer feels cohesive. It doesn't progress like the other shows do. I still love the show, but it feels so thrown together now.

Sherlock - episode 3.1: The Empty Hearse 

*After two years of thinking Sherlock Holmes is dead, John Watson comes to find he is very much alive. He's not happy about being lied to.

*This episode felt a lot funnier than the previous season. We had John head butting Sherlock, clever cut aways to inappropriate wording, and not to mention, trolling was a huge theme.

*The viewers got trolled right away with various versions of how Sherlock faked his own dead. John really was ultimately trolled by Sherlock throughout the entire episode. Hell, Molly finding a fiance that so closely resembles Sherlock, she might as well be trolling him too. PBS, the sunken cunts even trolled me by listing this as 'Masterpiece Mystery' in the guide which made me briefly freak when I searched 'Sherlock' and couldn't find anything earlier this week.

*It still left some questions opened to be answered, so I have something to look forward to. I'm not used to this, I got to watch everything on Netflix all at once with the last two seasons.


  1. Great coverage. I need to start watching True Detective

    1. I think you'd enjoy it! It's really quite fascinating. Also your avatar just made me REALLY want coffee right now.


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