Rambling TV: Thoughts on Klondike and True Detective

The Walking Dead comes back in 2 weeks, we all know where I'm still at with this.

True Detective - episode 1.3: The Locked Room
gif via artyucko
*Shea Whigham showed up! This guy has been in everything lately. He plays a very suspicious preacher, and he was pretty damn good.

*Woody Harrelson is terrifying. He is really spectacular at playing a scary looking dude. The way he irrationally freaked on his fling, Lisa (Alexandra Daddario) was intense.

*Cohle just casually hanging to with Hart's family, and Hart's "Yeah, STAY for dinner." remark was hilarious.

*The final scene in this episode was so fucking creepy. It reminded me of the first time we get a good look at Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I didn't get to watch Sherlock this week because my dish decided it isn't going to work anymore. Now I'm switching back to basic cable with less interesting channels, but hopefully less problems. Go fuck yourself, Dish Network. 


Another show that dominated my TV for 6 hours this week was Discovery Channel's mini Klondike, which I watched solely for Richard Madden.

*Here's the thing, the cinematography in this show was breathtaking, the story, not so much.

*I love Madden, he's a great actor, even if his American accent slipped here and there, and Abbie Cornish was welcome too, but I hate to say it, this show was just plain boring.

*The first episode was slow, but it had a little potential. Then it just kept dragging, and dragging.

*The Mounties vs the Indians story could've been left out completely, what good was that? 

*He FALLS THROUGH THE FREAKING ICE!? REALLY?! (Yes, I know it probably really happened but the way it was presented felt like cheap shock value)

*Wolves would never try to attack Robb Stark. Ever. It is known.

*Personally, there is no way in hell I'd turn my back on someone that I think killed my best friend. I'm just saying, it happened a little too frequently.

*Belinda (Abbie Cornish) bitch slapping the hooker and taking her money back was probably the best scene in the entire thing. 

Other Random TV Ramblings: 

*This is the funniest thing I saw on TV this week: 

*If you want to hear Emily Kinney (Beth Greene on The Walking Dead) sing a ridiculous song about masterbating, here you go. 

Two more months until Game of Thrones!


  1. I need to see new True Detective, I'm hoping MM gets naked soon, so far we only had handcuffed Woody and that Daddario chick's tits which are everywhere on tumblr, this seems tame for HBO.

    1. They ARE everywhere. My husband told me that her boobs were all everyone was talking about at his work the next day. The men need to contribute.

  2. That gif of Jonah Hill and Leo... so adorable...

    I wonder that Chris Jericho thinks about the Royal Rumble last night. I just need to see the Brotherhood/New Age Outlaws match and then I'll post my full review tomorrow on my wrestling blog. All I can say is that w/ what happened to NIN/QOSTA last night, I'm beyond furious.

    1. My cable has been down so I didn't get to watch Raw last night, I'll have to read a review. Personally, the Rumble results pissed me off. Orton and Cena fighting for the title and Batista winning the Rumble? What is this, 2005? I'm glad the crowd booed as loudly as they did. Maybe now Vince and co will realize that what they are doing is not pleasing their fans.

    2. Well, if you did see RAW last night, Triple H gave the fans the worst insult I can ever think of... "Aw, did somebody not get what they want?" to the fans. That just pissed the fans off even more as they wanted to see Daniel Bryan. Not Blahtista. Oh, and here is my review of the Royal Rumble.

    3. *facepalm* And now I see that CM Punk quit. Thanks for the link!

  3. These are two shows that are on my list to see. Is True Detective on HBO? If so I can watch OnDemand. I saw the promo posters for Klondike and I have to say, Abbie Cornish's costuming looked weird. Her leather pants were super tight. I know it's not a documentary, but somehow I doubt a woman dressed in "men's clothes" would have tried to look sexy in 'dem days. http://www.poptower.com/abbie-cornish-picture-129063.htm

    1. She's actually only in pants that one scene, the dresses she wears are pretty gorgeous though. They really stood out to me. Yep, True Detective is on HBO!

  4. I really need to start True Detective. I think I may wait until its finished so I can just marathon it.
    So excited for Game of Thrones!

    1. Nothing wrong with marathoning, it's a really interesting series. I hope you like it. I cannot wait for Game of Thrones too. These new clips they keep showing are just making me even more giddy.


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