Rambling TV: Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire, 19 Kids, and why Lifetime is awful.

Now that True Blood is done, I won't be giving full recaps until The Walking Dead comes back, so here's some quick thoughts on what I watched on TV this week. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers, as always.

Boardwalk Empire

The final seasons jumps ahead seven years to 1931. Much has changed.

Nucky is in Cuba with Sally trying to finalize a deal with the man who owns Barcardi rum. He wants to sell it in the U.S when it becomes legal again. (Or still while it's illegal. Whatever) He runs into Meyer Lanksy, who says he's on vacation with his wife. They haven't seen each other since "A.R's funeral" (In real life, Arnold Rothstein died in 1928) Later, a machete wielding assassin tries to kill Nucky, when his body guard disposes of him (after cutting off his eye and keeping it) Nucky approaches Lanksy's wife and finds out she's just a prostitute. Did he order the hit? 

Chalky is in jail, but we don't know what for. Later, some other prisoners attack the guards, and he's able to escape. Another prisoner chases him down and asks him questions about telephones, then they escape together. 

Margaret is still working at the stockbroker's office in New York, and during a pep talk to her and all of her colleagues, he blows his brains out in front of anyone. Soon Margaret is being bombarded with questions about her boss, and a key to a file cabinet that she claims to not know where he kept it. Later we see her pulling out Arnold Rothstein's folder before someone interrupts her.

Also in New York, Luciano (Who Meyer said earlier that he didn't really speak to anymore) is talking with Joe Masseria. He leaves to use the restroom, and shots ring through the restaurant where they were sitting. When he comes out, we learn he's ordered a hit on Masseria who's lying dead on the floor. He's then made head of this area by his boss in a very formal Mafia ceremony. 

Throughout this episode, we were treated to flashbacks of Nucky's childhood and when he first met the Commodore. It reminded me a lot of the flashbacks True Blood did with Bill Compton this year, the only difference was that these were actually interesting. I'm actually looking forward to more of them, I wonder if they'll ever include Jimmy?

No Van Alden, Eli, Mickey, or Capone this week. But it looks like we'll see them next week.

19 Kids and Counting

This season opened up with Jill planning her wedding. She still acts like a 16 year old girl. (Not her fault, her parents shelter her)

Jessa's teenage boyfriend is going to move into a "guest house" on Duggar's property so that they can be closer. By "guest house" I mean a windowless room in a shed on their property. He's also going to work for Jim Bob. For those of you keeping track, this kid is leaving his home and his college life to be Jim Bob's bitch boy before he marries his daughter.He also gets a curfew. Are they both going to live in the guest house after the wedding? This job can't pay well enough for a house.

Jill and Derick get to "house sit" a mansion after they're married. Josh and Anna looked so jealous at this news. They only got a 960 sq ft house. Poor Anna probably wishes she could've given birth on the master toilet instead of the one she actually did give birth on. On live TV. I find this amusing because it seems less about Jim Bob being helpful to the couple and more about him continuing to control them. 

None of the girls are wearing shoes in a warehouse they're cleaning. Even though they mention finding a dead rat. Wtf.

Poor Josiah is still at the Christian Militia boot camp, and only got a face time appearance here. Sad. 

The Brittany Murphy Story

 I only saw the first 10 minutes or so, but just seeing the title of this film on my TV Guide made me have a huge problem with Lifetime. What's with all these unauthorized biopics? Looking into this a little more, the entire movie was shot in 16 days and the lead actress (who looks absolutely NOTHING like Brittany Murphy) was given 2 days to prepare. What's the point? You want to tell her story, get permission, take the time to prepare, find someone that at least resembles her. Or you know, just don't do it at all. 


  1. I was hearing all kinds of weird news about the Brittany Murphy biopic, something about her dad hating it or something? Well yeah, the actress didn't look at all like Murphy, ahah. It's a shame when they did such a half-arsed job making this, sounds pointless indeed.

    1. I don't blame her dad for hating it. I wonder what her mother thinks?

  2. Yes on the Brittany Murphy "biopic". I didn't watch much of any of it, but I'm pretty sure they portrayed her as a drug addict. She used to be in their shitty films, the least they could have done was give her a bit of respect. And yeah, that girl looked NOTHING like her. In risk of sounding like too much of a fanboy, I don't think they could ever have found someone to play her.

    1. Nah, I get it. I'm a fan of hers too, and I actually did like the actress playing her here in Red, White, and Blue. But she wasn't a good fit. She looks nothing like Murphy. Plus the dude playing Simon had an awful British accent.

  3. Lifetime is a terrible channel. They've really made women even dumber through their crap. At least the Saved by the Bell movie was entertaining in a bad way compared to last week's RAW. I'm not even watching this week as I don't want to waste my time watching crap again.

    1. Lifetime DOES make people dumber. It also makes men look terrible. Some of their shows (like Flowers in the Attic) are good for a laugh, but most of their shows are trash.

  4. 19 Kids and Counting sounds infuriating. I don't know much about the Duggars, but I am freaked out by the fact that Michelle is MY AGE and open to letting God send another baby. Seriously? After 45, it's time to retire the uterus. God would back me up on this.

    1. They are infuriating, but that's why I watch them. It's like watching a train wreck.


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