Rambling TV: Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire and more.

If this week's episode of Boardwalk Empire moved any slower, it would've been going backwards. Episodes like this drive me nuts, because in a show's final season, you don't really have time to waste. (Hello, True Blood) The end of this episode was great though, because of what it set up. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers.

What happened in this long hour? Chalky played Home Invasion with two women who refused to open up a safe at their house. He eventually killed his henchmen and left. Thanks for that. We know Chalky is a good guy deep down, did we need to fuck around for an hour to know that?

Mickey's back!

Margaret's boss says someone has been taking money from Rothstein's account after the man died, and her signature is on all the forms. Someone has to pay. She pays his wife a visit who sees right through her bullshit and tells her she knows she's Nucky's wife, and plans to smear her in the papers.

Luciano and Seigal try to cut a deal with Narcisse, but he refuses to work with them. Later, they shoot up a bunch of his girls at a brothel. Oh boy.

Nucky has a falling out with that senator from Boston he was trying to woo into business. After he leaves, he has a stiff drink only to wake up to see Margaret in his room. 

This week's flashback had Nucky seeing the Commodore covering up a death at the hotel, and meeting his first wife, Mabel. 

here's a gif of Carol from The Walking Dead, dressed as a walker to infiltrate Terminus to help save her family. Carol is Queen. 


I caught the pilot episode. I think I'll continue watching it for now, but it didn't blow me away. There was a few things that were really awkward. Selina Kyle witnessing the Wayne family murders, and continuing to watch Bruce. (Though I never really cared for Catwoman, so that's why) The show used some awkward camera angles during a chase seen, and we get it. Little Ivy is going to grow up to be Poison Ivy. She doesn't always need to be standing by a large plant.

There were some promising things, particularly the men that play The Riddler and The Penguin. They are intriguing.

The Big Bang Theory

Boy, I really missed a lot last season. Raj has a girlfriend, Howard's mom is dating Stuart. Penny and Leonard are engaged, and she has an awful hair cut. They also had Bernadette help Penny get a job, because Penny must always be the dumbest person in the room and isn't allowed to succeed on her own. She always needs help. Ugh. Am I the only one that get pissed about that?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

It started off with an Agent Carter cameo, so that was a plus!

Fitz and Simmon are still the most interesting. 

Skye is still annoying.


  1. Boardwalk Empire was alright though I got a kick out of seeing Nucky trying to make a deal with Joe Kennedy. It's good to see that Margaret is coming back and maybe she's what Nucky needs right now.

    I thought about seeing Gotham... hell I'm sure anything on Mondays is better than WWE RAW right now. I didn't watch it as I didn't want to waste another 3 hours of shit. If I had a six-shooter that is fully loaded. Here is who I would shoot:

    1. Jerry Lawler for being one of John Cena's cocksuckers as all he does is praise the Almighty Cena.

    2. JBL for his idiotic commentary.

    3. John Cena for just being overexposed, for refusing to put over young talent, for refusing to sell any offenses by other wrestlers, and making himself a false idol.

    And the last 3 bullets go to Vince McMahon for being a delusional old fool.

    1. lmao, your wrestling rage. I've stopped watching and I just read the recaps on TJR Wrestling at this point. Fucking Cena vs Orton again? Please.

      I'm glad Margaret is back too. I hope they jump forward with flashbacks though. I want to see older Nucky, married to Mabel, with Jimmy as a surrogate son.

  2. I really like Penny's haircut! It's been getting a lot of hate on the comment threads I've been reading about the new BBT season, and it's kind of upsetting people feel the need to throw insults at the actress and the show as a whole. If you don't like the look, that's cool - short hair doesn't suit everyone.

    It just annoys me that a lot of people take it as some personal affront that the actress and the show as a whole have tried something different - it's only hair after all!

    You're very right about Penny being an annoying character though - I've yet to see Season 7, but she's the character that has changed the least across the whole show IMO.

    1. I like pixie cuts, but I just don't think it suits her at all. She was so pretty with longer hair. I don't think Penny is annoying, I just get frustrated that she's the only character on this show that's not allowed to be smart. Everyone else is a genius and they make Penny dumber each season.

  3. Gotham wasn't subtle enough with the hints of who these people were going to be. Like.. we aren't stupid but they made it so black and white that it actually frustrated me a bit. I'm guessing they'll keep joker a secret for a while but I fear even that would be too obvious.

    TBBT is such a waste of time, honestly, there's no way I'm going to keep watching it. There' hasn't been a good episode since two seasons ago.. and to imagine, they all got a big fat raise for this season. Horrific!

    1. Yeah, TBBT just isn't the same. I always got a lot of crap for watching it, but now I kind of see why.

      I don't think I want to see The Joker on Gotham. The Joker is best when he's fighting with Batman.

  4. Big Bang is back?! Oh shit, off to watch it! Why does Penny have short hair? Did Kaley cut it?

  5. Saw Gotham too, I like it well enough to see it again but not sure how long it'll keep my interest. They tend to hit us over the head w/ the characters, I mean we know who Ivy is as soon as the little girl told us her name, the standing-near-the-plant thing is just silly. I also don't care for the shaky cam thing when Gordon was running, hope they don't go overboard w/ it. It made me want to listen to Batman soundtracks tho, so I did a Music Break post instead of reviewing it, ha!

    1. Yes, both of those things got on my nerves. I like how they thought we were too stupid to figure out who Poison Ivy was on our own, so they had to change her name to "Ivy." lol


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