Rambling TV: Thoughts on True Detective, 7 Days in Hell + more

I skipped last week because the only new thing I watched was True Detective, so I'll be talking about both episodes here:

True Detective

Last week's episode started off a bit slow, but towards the end we get to know a bit more about Paul and what's eating at him. This week, it turns out everyone's suspicions that he was closeted were spot on. He had a one night stand with his old friend, but now his girlfriend is pregnant, and he responds with the worst thing ever to a surprise pregnancy: "We should get married."

Ani found an interesting link between her case and the cult she belonged to as a child. Then she get slapped with probation for dating (fucking) a male colleague. She tells her boss "This wouldn't be happening if I were a man." Truth.

Ray actually has his shit together, he's not drinking as much, Frank even commented on it. 

Frank, after pulling a dude's teeth out last week is now back in the shady drug business.

Let's talk about that shoot out. Holy. Shit. That was intense. It had a typical plot device - all the other cops die except the main three, but I don't even care. That was so tense and was shot beautifully. I like that it was almost a near opposite of the long shot last season, this one had many cuts but was still brilliant.

It felt so real, especially the last scene of Ani, Ray, and Paul. They look defeated and you can see the "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk" on their faces.

Orange is the New Black

Crazy Eyes writing her smutty story is hilarious. "Can you live off only cum for a year?" LOL

Piper's panty speech was glorious. I'm glad that distracted me for a little bit considering what a train wreck her character is. I think it seems out of character for Piper to all of a sudden want to start this enterprise. She's on the down end of her sentence. I'm assuming this is just a plot device to get her more time.

Pennsatucky's donut speech rivaled Piper's, but fuck where it ended was depressing. We all figured Tiffany's life sucked prior to prison, but ending on that horrible rape scene. That was awful. I hope someone cuts that guy's dick off.

I do love this Alex and Lolly story though. Alex I can usually take or leave, but I'd rather see her than Piper at this point.

Where the fuck are Nicky and Bennett? You'd think they would've followed up by now.

I have 3 episodes left.

7 Days in Hell
That's the queen, by the way.

God this was perfectly stupid. I was a little surprised how short it was. It was only 45 minutes long. But it was packed with perfect randomness and SO much male nudity. I can appreciate that. 

There's also this wonderful thing Andy Samberg said when asked about the male nudity in it.

“I would be lying if I said it was not intentional. It was very intentional. We talked about it and, a) we thought it was really funny, just because people are so squeamish about that. Hilarious in itself. Also, just because we were on HBO and there’s so much “reverse cowgirl,” as I like to put it, on HBO. Last time I checked, that is not as popular a position as HBO might have you believe. So yeah, we just thought it was hilarious to turn it on its head. We’re childish. We think wangs are funny.”

I ship Matt and Claire. That's normal, right? Look how hot they are


  1. 7 Days in Hell is fucking hilarious. I watched it last night and I just finished my review of it. Man, Kit Harington won me over for just being so stupid while I fucking love Michael Sheen in it. Is there any other film in the world of comedy that he had done or was he a comedian before he was famous?

    1. I have no idea, but Sheen was great in that too. The scene where he has Harington's character show off his abs had me rolling.

  2. I've not seen any of this, but 7 Days in Hell sounds fun. I just keep putting off getting started on OITNB or Daredevil. I keep telling myself I'm going to watch them. Someday.

    1. It's hard to get on top of Netflix Shows because you know they're not going anywhere. It's taken me wayyy to long to get through Daredevil despite really liking it.

  3. Ahah, never even heard of 7 Days in Hell before. I can't wait for Daredevil season 2, that's such a great series. LOVE Matt & Claire!!

    1. I really need to finish it. It's been so nice outside I just haven't been inside watching TV as much. lol


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