Rambling TV: Thoughts on True Detective, OITNB + more

True Detective.

This was probably my least favorite episode of the series so far, but I have to admit it built interest like nobody's business. I'll get what I didn't like out of the way.

Paul's fight with his mother. Kitsch has been doing a really good job in this series, but this scene reminded me of why I can never fully get behind him as an actor. It was just bad. Plus, who hides 20k cash in a duffel bag in their drunkie mother's house and expects NOTHING to happen to it? Come on...

Too much of Frank and his wife. I get it, they're having marital problems. They're broke but they want a baby, but that's not the interesting part of the story here, they focused on it too much.

Ani's comment about dicks in her sexual harassment group gave me life. I hate that she's stuck logging evidence, but it's interesting to see her going back to the missing girl case we saw in the first episode. 

I liked her meet up with Ray, and his "Didn't realize you were on my mind." comment. Get back into the police work, Ray.

Speaking of which, he quit after the shootout and is working for Frank. Remember how we met Ray and we learned he killed his ex wife's rapist? Well, turns out he didn't kill the right guy. Frank set him up, and the final scene of the episode was him confronting Frank about it. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Orange Is The New Black.

That season was massively meh, but it wasn't terrible. I can't tell if Piper is serious about her Walter White schtick. Is she supposed to be this awkward? Or is this really bad acting from Schilling? I just can't tell.

Ruby Rose's character was such a huge deal on Tumblr that I'm kind of disappointed now that I've seen the whole thing. That's it? Will she be back next season? Since she's going to Max, they better at least show Nicky there. It's criminal they didn't to begin with.

I was worried Soso was going to kill herself, and I'm glad she didn't. I feel like I can relate to Soso. If I were in prison, I'd probably be really depressed with no friends either, so I wanted something good to happen to her. I hope she and Poussey are happy.

Alex's cliffhanger seems kind of silly because I doubt anything bad happens to her.

I am relieved Boo and Tiffany didn't go through with their dragon tattoo plan, because ewww.

I want to kill Aleida for telling Pornstache's mom that Daya's baby died. I fucking HATE her. 

That lake scene went on wayyyyyy too long. Especially the part with Crazy Eyes and her fan throwing the turtle? What the fuck was that?

I'm not looking forward to more prisoners, to be honest.

19 Kids and Counting FINALLY got cancelled! I'm assuming it took them so long to announce because TLC's lawyers were going over their contracts with a fine toothed comb. You know Jim Boob would be the one to sue. The Duggars are fame hungry, so they won't disappear. I'm sure we'll get plenty of snark worthy facebook posts, youtube videos, and probably political runs. I'm hoping Josh Duggar also gets a civil suit against him because he's an untreated pedophile who just had another daughter born this week. 

One problem I do have, TLC is doing a one hour documentary on sex abuse and they plan to include Jill and Jessa. Unless they're going to be an example of what not to do, I don't want to see them there. All Jessa and Jill did was minimize sexual assault. They felt they were worthy enough to speak with other victims as being "totally okay" with being molested. Then they argue that their brother wasn't a pedophile (but still refer to themselves as victims) They're too brainwashed. They have never had an original thought in their lives. They need to be away from the Christian Patriarchy movement long enough to reflect on the fact that they have been seriously stunted and taken advantage of. Then whatever they will say will be useful. All they can offer now is to essentially keep sweet and help hide abuse, which is what Gothardism is kind of about. 

It's probably just going to be clips from their Fox News interview. Jill's too busy being a professional grifter/harasser in Central America anyways.  


  1. Yes. Kitsch's work and his character had picked up steam for me a bit last week. Now, he's back to being borderline unintelligible in this role. I also noted some boredom in the dynamic between the Frank character and his wife. Ani and Ray are both killing it with their characters, though, and the work from both Farrell and McAdams is continually astounding me. I dig this season overall. I just wish the ebbs and flows weren't so big.

    1. I agree with everything you said here. I'm hoping since we're on the downhill side of it, that all the episodes following are really strong.

  2. Including the Duggar girls in a doc about sex seems like a really, really bad idea.

    1. It is a really, really bad idea. And kind of offensive to sex abuse survivors tbh. Not until they can step away from fundie life will they ever be helpful.

  3. Oh man I saw 90 minutes of that season and it looks I correctly predicted whoever Ray whacked was not the rapist. The writing is really not...great this season

    1. I don't think the writing is *bad* this season, I just think it's having a hard time following S1, which I expected it too. Standing on its own, it's still interesting.

  4. I've quite enjoyed watching True Detective this season. After that fantastic first season, I really admire that they are taking their time with the story. Of course, it helps that Rachel McAdams is on fire. Damn, she is fantastic, as usual. Still, I hope that the second half of the season gets stronger as the conclusion nears.

    1. I do too. I think it will, now that Ani and Paul are on to something, and Ray will have to confront Frank.

  5. I feel like I need to watch True Detective now.

    And this Duggar news is bitter-sweet. Admit it.

  6. I hate that you weren't a fan of this season of OITNB. While there were a number of storylines that didn't seem to have a purpose, I could just watch that show every day, forever, and always love it. From a critical standpoint, I understand, but, when I'm watching, that all just fades away!

    1. I did like parts of it. I just didn't like how Nikki left, and we heard nothing afterwards. Same with Bennett, and the thought of more prisoners is just not very interesting.

      Still, I love the show, so I'll watch. lol

      I fucking LOVED Rosa being in Coputo's flashback though. That was excellent.


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