Review: Deep Water

Vic (Ben Affleck) keep his marriage together by allowing his wife, Melinda (Ana de Armas) to have various affairs. She is in no way subtle about any of them. Then, they start dying, and Vic becomes the prime suspect for their murders.

This movie had one of the worst trailers I had seen in a long time, so of course I had to watch it since it's streaming on Hulu. I love a good trash fire. It's supposed to be an erotic thriller, only it's not really either. Melinda is horny, Vic is brooding, they have an overly precocious daughter who flat out accuses her dad of murder at one point and somehow is not popped in the mouth like I WOULD HAVE BEEN IMMEDIATELY! They also cast Nate from Euphoria as one of Melinda's lovers and expect us not to instantly root for Vic to kill him. 

It slowly creeps along until its unintentionally hilarious climax. The last 10 minutes of this movie are probably the hardest I've laughed at any more all year. It's worth it just for that one guffaw. 

Everyone's on auto pilot and there's nothing revolutionary here, but it's a fine watch if you have Hulu.

Grade: C


  1. My only interest in seeing this is Adrian Lyne as this is his first film in 20 years though I'm aware that it's not one of his best but I do want to show some support for a man who did make great movies in the 80s and 90s as well as Unfaithful.

    If I found out my wife had been cheating on me and with a bunch of dudes. First, I confront her and ask her what did I do wrong? If she's being a bitch. She's got to go. I just hope one of her lovers has a girlfriend who also found out and just let her do whatever she wants with my soon-to-be ex-wife. If there's a child involved. Oh... I'd have my mama beat the shit out of her and then go to Mark Sterling to represent me to get full custody.

    1. I love how you'd get your mom involved lol. I think you'll laugh your ass off at the climax of this too.

  2. When Ben Affleck broods, I just want to slap him. His wife sounds like a shrew and his kid needs a spanking. I would still be trying to find my mouth if I talked back to my mom like that. To hear how bad the ending is makes me really want to see this. Oh Watched Eyes of Tammy Faye-Jessica was quite good and the makeup on her and Andrew is real people not Star Trek/Star Wars aliens. I'm not sure I would want her to win the award nor Kristin playing Diana. Great but the characters are just annoying. Dune is excellent.

    1. I'm glad you liked Tammy Faye for the most part! Dune is easily one of my favorites.


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