Review: Windfall


A CEO (Jesse Plemmons) and his wife (Lily Colins) head to their vacation home only to come face to face with a robber (Jason Segel) who holds them hostage. 

This caught my attention as Justin Lader wrote the screenplay, and I enjoyed The One I Love. Aesthetically this film feels a lot like that one, but the similarities end there. 

Be prepared to suspend a fair amount of disbelief to keep the plot in place. Underneath it all, it's simply a "rich people suck" movie and provides little to no insight on anything else. It's even more egregious when one character played by Omar Levya gets involved, though to explain why would be a massive spoiler.

Acting wise, all the main players are great. Plemmons get to show off the most, and I feel like it's been years since I've seen Segel in anything, so it's nice just to watch him again. Collins is shot like a goddess, which is no surprise since her husband, Charlie McDowell was behind the camera.

So is this for you? It's on Netflix so if you like the actors involved, it's worth the watch, but it's not the best thing any of them have done.

Grade: C


  1. I would've like to see this mainly for the actors but it's a shame it falls short.

    1. I know! I really like all the actors involved and The One I Love was excellent. This is nowhere near that.

  2. I never heard of this. Isn't Jason Segal more for comedies? If I have the right guy, how was he here?

    1. I think he's good at both. He was really good in The End of the Tour which was more serious. He was fine here too.


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