Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Family Comedies


This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is about TV family comedies. And I remembered it was a TV week this month! I decided to bring back a few from my childhood, plus one that my husband and I still joke about watching together.

1) Full House -
This one is my favorite of the bunch and I grew up worshipping the Olsen Twins because of it. They had everything I wanted, man! All those people in one house is completely illogical, but it was fun.

2) Home Improvement -
This was another popular one when I was a kid. Everyone had a crush on JTT and I was kind of meh on him. But of course I never admitted that to anyone.

3) The War At Home -
This Michael Rappaport comedy was only on for one season, and he deserves that because he truly sucks. My husband and I watched this together when we were dating and we still to this day have no idea why. It was bad. The most memorable thing was the closeted character Rami Malek played. He's really come a long way.


  1. I hated Full House and find those twins strange. They should Star in a show that takes place in a fair. Oh well. I really liked Home Improvement and remember all the people loving that one kid but, like you, I just didn’t get it. I did like all the mayhem Tim got into. I have not seen or even heard of that last show but Rami really has not changed.

    1. Rami is aging really gracefully! I liked Tim back in the day, now he makes me cringe. lol

  2. I'm familiar with the first two but never watched them regularly. When they were young I found the Olsen twins too puerile and as they grew noxious though I've always liked John Stamos, just not enough to get me to watch his show!

    Tim Allen's appeal (excepting Galaxy Quest) has always eluded me so Home Improvement was a no go.

    I was confused at first when I saw the title of your last pick thinking instead of the older Kyle Chandler series Homefront whose premise was very different (it was about soldiers returning home from WWII and the problems they encountered) but I've never heard of the one you picked.

    Your choice of two where the father's are often the buffoons of the situation it made me think of three where the father was the one much more in control-Father Knows Best with Robert Young, My Three Sons with Fred MacMurray and my favorite of three The Courtship of Eddie’s Father starring Bill Bixby as a widower raising his son alone with Oscar winner Miyoshi Umeki as his housekeeper Mrs. Livingston.

    1. I remember My Three Sons. I think at one point there were talks of a reboot with the Hanson brothers, only for a movie, not a show. Thankfully that never came to fruition but I remember it for some reason.

  3. I saw Full House, or rather everyone else watched Full House, it was sort of in the background and I was a little young to really understand. I never saw the reruns or the newer revival.

    Home Improvement I do remember and like it. Yes JTT was everywhere, he was cute but I kinda thought he was short so no crush. He along with Devon Sawa, Andrew Keegan and Leonardo Dicaprio all around the same period was like on those teen/tween magazines like Bop/Tigerbeat a lot.

    1. lol short doesn't do it for me either. I'm a tall girl.
      Ahhh Bop and Tigerbeat. Memories.

  4. I could never get into Home Improvement and honestly, I don't understand the appeal of Jonathan Taylor Thomas as I thought he was annoying little shit but I find him tolerable in comparison to ugh... Tim Allen. That guy is a dick. Full House, that was a staple back then for me as a kid though some of it hasn't aged well. I'm still convinced that Danny Tanner hasn't died. I know Bob Saget isn't here anymore but I will remember those words in that episode where DJ found herself married to some Greek kid by walking around the table and told Danny "when you die, I will take over the family business" in which Danny replied "I will never die!"

    1. Tim Allen sucks but I loved him when I was a kid. The Santa Claus AND Buzz! Ugh, I miss Saget. He was so funny.


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