Review: The Princess


A Princess (Joey King) wakes up chained in a tower after running out of her arraigned marriage to Julius. (Dominic Cooper) He's taken the entire kingdom hostage, including her parents and younger sister and plans to marry her by force and make the kingdom his. But this princess has been training as a fighter all her life, and she has to fight her way to her family.

I tried to make that synopsis sound like it has more to it, but this is really Joey King killing every man she encounters for 90 minutes and it's GLORIOUS. Yesterday I talked about Popcorn movies having their place with Top Gun: Maverick, and The Princess also has its place in the camp department. Currently streaming on Hulu, I hope this becomes the camp classic it deserves to be.

The story is simple, the effects are questionable, but King is so committed and gives a very physical performance. There's a lot of stupid things that happen in this movie, and I loved every minute of it.

So is this for you? Do you like fun? Then it should be. It's a bunch of shitty men dying and women coming out on top. I love that for us. 

Grade: B+


  1. This does sound like fun. I hope to get that Hulu subscription so I can watch this and other goodies. I just hope that Joey King does better project soon and no more collaborations with Netflix and Roland Emmerich.

    1. Hulu has a ton of good things on it right now. Normally this is one I cancel and re-subscribe to often, but I've had it for the better part of a year straight because they keep putting interesting mini series on it.


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