What I Watched on TV in June

June came with a lot of traveling for me so I felt like I was only watching TV shows because I couldn't get to the theater. Then I ended up getting COVID for the first time - which wasn't fun, but thankfully not too bad considering I'm vaxxed and boosted, so even more time for me to stay at home in front of the TV. Here's what I was watching on the small screen.

Obi Wan Kenobi -
I know this show was uneven overall, but I enjoyed it. Ewan McGregor is so good as Obi Wan and even though I kind of wish they had gone a different direction in the story overall, the scenes with him and Vader alone were worth it. After the finale, I wish Owen and Beru were in this more. I loved how they fleshed them out and showed how much they really loved Luke. That's something I don't think A New Hope did well. Seeing them in action here retroactively makes their deaths a lot sadder. 

Ms. Marvel -
I only watched the first episode of this, and I feel bad but I have no interest in going back. I will for the sake of continuity, but I wasn't wowed. I'm finding the most interesting aspect being the focus on Kamila's Muslim heritage because that's different from what I'm used to seeing. Nothing else grabbed me. Hopefully this gets better, but I haven't returned yet.

Outer Range -
  This is definitely a show meant for binging. The majority of the plot progression always happens within the last 15 minutes of the episode so I'm glad I waited instead of watching this week to week. I went from being intrigued with this show to actively hating it in the end. I will say, they had one really cool twist with Josh Brolin's character, but the rest was just ridiculous.

Westworld -
We've had a significant time jump from the last season. Again, it feels more like Black Mirror than Westworld, but from the previews it looks like they go back to the park at some point, so I'll stick with it. I didn't realize how much I missed hearing the theme song.

The Staircase -
I finished up The Staircase. I have to say, the way they shot the finale was a little confusing at times. They incorporated this sort of "what if" scenario into the flash backs of Kathleen and at first it caught me off guard, but then I got it. The thing I find most frustrating with this case is that the Ratliff daughters never wavered. I thought for sure one of them would reach out to Caitlyn eventually but they never did. Over all, for a story that really didn't need a mini series, everyone involved did a great job and I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of this at the Emmys.

Stranger Things -
This is one of the shows I watch with my husband and for us to sit down and watch something together can take forever at times. This season is definitely the weakest so far, but it was still good TV. I have zero interest in the Hopper/Joyce story because the Hawkins crew is just so much more interesting. I'm kind of surprised how much of a non entity Mike is this season. He, Will, Jonathan and his annoying friend are kind of an afterthought. Eleven's flashbacks are probably the second best story involved. I'm curious to see how the final two episodes play out. It seems like such a weird place to split a season but they're both apparently 2 hours long so there's lots of TV to come.


  1. I really liked Obi-Wan Kenobi and I didn't think it was uneven. It was way better than The Book of Boba Fett which was uneven. The last episode gave me the right feelings of nostalgia in the good sense. I don't think it needs a second season though I wouldn't mind. Yet, I have heard people complaining that it should've been a film. I'm glad it wasn't a film. Why? It was going to be directed by Stephen Daldry and that would've fucking sucked because Stephen Daldry FUCKING SUCKS!!!! He is the Oscar-bait equivalent to Michael Bay.

    I need to re-watch Westworld as the last season got a bit boring for me and I haven't watched it since. Then again, I don't watch HBO much these days as I don't really watch cable much except for AEW.

    Ms. Marvel..... I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Honestly, this is the best thing since Wandavision. With the way things are going, it might beat that show in terms of quality but also I love the writing and direction it has. I can understand it might not be for everyone but it really wowed me not just in its depiction of a young girl trying to find herself but also her own family's roots. Especially with the Partition of India and.... the last shot of the fourth episode... fucking devastating and shocking. That shot goes up there with some of the visuals from Avengers: Endgame. Tomorrow, I might watch Assembled on the making of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I just love seeing those bloopers and Elizabeth Olsen having fun. She needs to return as Wanda. Redeem herself, get her family, take a break, and then get back in the game when the time is right. And be besties with The Mighty Thor, Valkyrie, Carol, and everyon else.

    1. Yeah, I don't think it should've been a movie either. It would've had to be 3 hours long. I'm glad it was a mini series. For me, what they did with Reva's character was uneven. It was weird of her to go after Luke for "justice" even though she was horrified of Anakin killing kids in the first place. I just think they could've done better with her. She's a cool character, and I loved her backstory. I'm sure we'll see her again.

      I would kill to have Wanda in Taika's hands lol. Let her be besties with Valkyrie. I'll catch up on Ms. Marvel.

  2. I have not seen any of these. There is too much Star Wars out there that I can't keep up. I still have have to watch the last 3 movies. I would like to see Westworld but I don't have Netflix or those other specialty channels. I am now doing doing the same thing you do...I took your idea and hope you don't mind:)

    1. Awesome! I love seeing what other people are watching on TV. :)


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