Thursday Movie Picks - Female Bosses

This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves was suggested by the lovely Getter! This week we're looking at films with Female bosses. No, not Gaslight, Gate Keep, Girlboss, just solid movies with a woman in charge. Here's what I came up with

1) Kiki's Delivery Service -
Another Ghibli pick from me, Kiki runs her own delivery service from a bakery, also owned by a lovely woman, Osono who offered Kiki a home. This is one of my favorite Ghiblis and is so charming.

2) The Devil Wears Prada -
Okay, Miranda might be the boss from hell, but how can you not think of her when you see "female boss" This movie remains excellent. 

3) Molly's Game -
Molly's endeavor may have come back to bite her in the ass, but I love a good Aaron Sorkin fast paced script and Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba are great in this. 


  1. I went with Miranda too. Molly's Game is a great choice!

  2. I don't know your first or 3rd choice but I do love The Devil Wears Prada. I am not a Streep fan but she plays Anna Wintour apparently it's based on this chick from Vogue. I would never want to work for someone like her.

    1. I'd cry if I had a boss like that. I'm too sensitive.

  3. The Devil Wears Prada should have come to me the instant I saw the theme but it didn't until I saw your list! A fun film and a great Meryl Streep performance but that woman in real life would be completely intolerable to be around.

    I liked Molly's Game but haven't thought of it since that one time watch. Jessica Chastain was very good in the film.

    Do I even need to say I haven't seen the first?

    My very first thought was that there could be an entire list of just Rosalind Russell boss lady movies since the woman in charge was her comic niche in 40's film. But aside from her 1942 starrer "Take a Letter, Darling" she didn't technically play the boss, more a litany of newspaperwomen, judges, lawyers and competent secretaries always in charge but not a boss per se. But the one I mentioned is a cute rom/com with advertising exec Roz, and her mile high hair, running male secretary Fred MacMurray ragged until the inevitable clinch.

    The other two that occurred to me are the saucy 1932 Kay Francis pre-code film Man Wanted. Married Kay's a magazine editor who hires a random man as her secretary, complications ensue in all directions.

    The other is a 1957 is the 1957 comedy Top Secret Affair with Susan Hayward and Kirk Douglas (it was supposed to costar Bogie and Bacall but they had to withdraw when Bogart's cancer worsened and he died shortly after.) Susan is a powerful media maven who sets out to expose Kirk as unworthy when he's appointed to a government post that she wanted to go to one of her cronies sending her quislings running to get the dirt on him. Problem is there is no dirt and things don't go as Susie had planned.

    1. You need to bite the bullet and watch some Ghibli movies lol. I'll have to look up Top Secret Affair, that sounds up my alley.

  4. Kiki's Delivery Service is the one film in that list I haven't seen but I hope to real soon. We do share a pick with The Devil Wears Prada as it's obviously going to be a popular pick.

    1. I hope you love Kiki, it's such a wonderful little movie.

  5. Seen The Devil Wears Prada of course...Miranda is soo icy. She says so little and her staff scurry around to get things done.
    Molly's Game is in my to watch list.


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