Review: Halloween Ends

Four years after Michael Myers murdered her daughter, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is still sticking it out in Haddonfield with her granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Madichak) despite the majority of the townspeople being downright abusive towards them. Allyson meets Corey (Rohan Campbell) who is also a town pariah, and eventually Laurie realizes something just isn't right.

Real talk for those who have seen this? Am I going to hell for how hard I laughed at the first kill in this movie? I'm sorry, but it's hysterical. That kill alone is better than anything Halloween Kills did the last time around. It was so over the top. It's too bad the rest of the movie didn't live up to that one moment of brutality. 

I really think someone could've taken a second stab at this script. It remedies the main problem with Halloween Kills in that it brings Laurie back to the center of the story, but unfortunately the bulk of it falls on Campbell and Madichak who are just not that strong of actors. I wouldn't have written their relationship as a romance, and I also would've written Michael's introduction into the story differently. Ultimately, I think audiences will be very divided on Michael's part on this. I haven't gotten to read many reviews myself, so I'm not sure if it's being discussed as much as I would expect it to be, but it makes some....choices.

Curtis as always is wonderful. I love Laurie, I hate everyone who is against her, and I think she has some very awesome moments in the film. She's a badass, but doesn't see herself as one. She still has the vulnerability she had in the first installment, even though she's well prepared for everything now.

So is this for you? If you have Peacock, then of course. I don't think this needs theater money, but it does give Laurie and Michael a proper send off.

Grade: C


  1. I'm not sure if I will see this as I listened to Solomonster's review on the film since he rarely does film reviews in his podcast which is really devoted entirely to pro wrestling. He's a fan of the franchise but he hated this one and the one before it.

    1. The screenplay needed more work, they probably should've just let Jamie Lee Curtis write it.

  2. I hate this movie the more I think about it. I too love Laurie. But just like Halloween Kills, I feel she gets back-burnered in this until the last 15 minutes. And don't get me started on how poorly they wrote Allyson. For me this was a case of a filmmaker trying to be too clever. AARRGHHHGAHAGHAAAA!!!

    1. Allyson was a MESS in this film, and the actress isn't very good either which doesn't help.

  3. I have no care to see this even though I love Curtis. This guy just never dies but, I bet, she sends him into some 🔥 lava or a wood chipper so he finally dies. Meh...even then, like Wiley E Coyote or Sulvester the cat, he will rise again.

    1. Well let's just say they made it pretty impossible for OG Michael Myers to come back from here on out.


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