What I watched on TV in September

Another month has gone by and we've officially entered Halloween season! I normally change up the look of my blog for this but I've been traveling a lot for work lately and will be well into October. So it might just stay as is. But for now, here's what I've been watching on the small screen last month!

House of the Dragon -
I'm in full Game of Thrones nostalgia mode and have been really enjoying this so far. As of me writing this, we're only one episode in with the cast switch so we'll see how this goes. I'm really going to miss Milly as Rhaenyra. She was wonderful. 

The Rings of Power -
Can we give this show credit on their lighting? I can actually see what's happening during their night fights! I hope the people making the Star Wars series take note of this. I'm glad some of the stories have started to consolidate so we can spend a bit more time with the Harfoots. They get put on the back burner but I'm so intrigued about what's going on with them. 

Hacks -
Slowly but surely, we're watching this. I normally would've had this done by now but it's one my husband and I watch together and we haven't had the time. 

Andor -
The first three episodes have dropped, and it's very far removed from legacy Star Wars which is a nice change. There's so many stories in this universe to tell without bringing it back to the Skywalkers. 

She-Hulk -
Still enjoying this much more than Ms Marvel. The last two episodes have been complete filler but they are FUN filler. 

Dahmer -
After reading the raves Evan Peter was getting for this, I decided to start it. I've only seen one and a half episodes so far, but it's very tense and creepy. I'll hopefully finish this up in October. 

The Handmaid's Tale -
Serena needs to GO. She's a great villain but I am cheering for her downfall. I've been really captivated by this season so far.


  1. My wife is watching Dahmer right now. I don't know if "enjoying" is the right word to use for it, but she is continuing to watch it.

  2. You know I have not seen any of these...lol. I can't watch anything on Dahmer because of how disgusting he was. It's strange because I can watch Gacy, Bundy etc...but not this F(&^. I remember seeing his dad on Larry King Live and how bad I felt for this man. I would love to see Hacks because I like Jean Smart.

    1. Bundy is one I stay away from. I hate how people still talk about him being "good looking" and charasmatic. He wasn't. He was plain AF and that's why it was so hard to catch him. Because he was unremarkable.

  3. So far, I like Andor as I think it is taking a slow-burn with what it is trying to do which is a good thing. I'm totally loving She-Hulk as I loved that last episode with C/D-level villains (though they're really just good guys who have done bad things but are trying to redeem themselves) helping Jen. I really hate that Josh guy. I would've join those guys in kicking his ass. I can't believe there's a bunch of guys really hating this show. It must be their time of the month.

    I have no interest in Dahmer though I do like Evan Peters. I just hate Ryan Murphy in general as I think he's an overrated, untalented piece of shit.

    1. yes! I loved that therapy session with the low tier characters. It was so funny. Ryan Murphy is very overrated, I don't often bother with his stuff but had to do this for Peters.


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