Thursday Movie Picks - A New Home

This week's horror theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is a new home. There's plenty of movies where an unfortunate family moves into a haunted house, so let's get started.

1) The Amityville Horror (2005)
- I stand by the fact that this remake is actually good. It also includes a nice thirst trap of pre-Deadpool taking over Ryan Reynolds entire personality. 

2) Beetlejuice -
We can't always be scary around here, we have to give credit to this fun flick as well.

3) The Conjuring -
One of the best horror films in recent memory. Your butt cheeks remain clenched throughout.


  1. I have only seen the original Amity Horror movie which well, sucked. I wish to thank you for showing Ryan in this way. I almost licked my screen. We Match with Beetlejuice which is a fin filmm

  2. I have only seen the original Amity Horror movie which, well, sucked. I want to see the remake. I want to thank you for this image of Ryan...I almost licked the screen. We Match with Beetlejuice, A very fun movie. Yes Alec needs to step back now...way back. I have not seen the 3rd one but want to even though I will get nightmares

  3. I only saw a bit of The Amityville Horror but not enough to give an opinion. Beetlejuice is and always will remain my favorite film by Tim Burton. That was a very popular movie when I was in elementary school as every one quoted that film including the stuff Beetlejuice says. Everyone got in trouble for a lot of the shit said from that film. It was worth it. Still haven't seen The Conjuring or any of its sequels.

  4. Nice choices all around. My first thought for this was His House--highly recommended if you haven't seen it.


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