Thursday Movie Picks - The Final Girl

This week's Halloween theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is the final girl! We love a queen that makes it until the end. Laurie, Sydney, Sally, Nancy, the icons are on a first name basis. Since I went with very popular picks last week, I'm going to try to avoid using those icons and use ones that I think deserve icon status alongside them

1) The Cabin in the Woods
- Dana deserves final girl status for a variety of reasons. Not just because of the horror she survived, but because of her humility. She apologizes for almost shooting her friend to save the entire world while sharing a joint with him. We love someone who can admit they're wrong.

2) Ready or Not
- Grace got the in-laws from Hell and came out on top in this hilarious horror-comedy. This film had no right being as good as it was. 

3) Hush
- I hate home invasion films. They make me very uncomfortable but Maddie, a deaf woman being terrorized by a crazed psycho felt fresh. It made me rethink my judgmental-ness on this type of movie ever so slightly. 


  1. I like all three of these movies. Both Ready or Not and Hush are part of a subgenre I call "Good for her!"

  2. We share a pick with Dana. Yeah, I too wanted to get away from the usual final girls to focus on the newer ones. Hush is the one film I haven't seen and yes, Ready or Not had no right to be better than it actually was.

  3. I hVe not seen any of these as they look...scary but Iight see the comedy one. Now I could kick myself for not choosing Wait Until Dark.

    1. Ready or Not and Cabin in the Woods are definitely more comedic, do not scary. Hush is creepy.

  4. Picked Ready or Not myself. The pop at the end was sooo unexpected.
    Have also seen Hush and like it.
    Cabin in the Woods is the only one I haven’t seen.


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