Review: He Went That Way

Official synopsis:
 A journey of curious tensions and bonds between two and at times three interesting characters all on their own path.

That synopsis is a bit vague, huh? What this film is really about is an animal trainer Jim (Zachary Quinto) his movie-star chimpanzee Spanky, (Phoenix Notary - yes, this is a child in a chimp costume and I'm assuming they have some relation to movement coach/CGI whiz Terry Notary) and the serial killer, Bobby (Jacob Elordi) who he picks up hitchhiking on route 66. 

Tonally, this film is all over the place. It starts with an unknown narrator and a murder, making you wonder how dark it's going to get. Then Quinto shows up with this goofy ass attempt at a Midwestern Accent and it's impossible to take him seriously with that. It doesn't feel natural coming from him. Especially with how straight faced Jim is. It's hard for me not to see Spock when I see Quinto but the voice and the mannerisms just did not match for me. Elordi fairs better as - you guessed it - a creepy dude. He feel effortless in his role.

What this film does well, however is keeping you wondering where exactly it's going to go. I was never 100% sure of Bobby was going to eventually kill Jim or not. Or whether Spanky was going to eventually rip Bobby's face off. Or what Jim and Spanky's destination *really* was. It keeps you guessing, and for that I must give the film credit. 

He Went That Way is currently available on VOD and is an easy watch for fans of Quinto and Elordi. 

Grade: C


  1. I might give it a watch if it's available on a streaming service near me for free.

    1. I think it could find a good audience on streaming.


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