5 Horrible Movie Hairstyles

While re-watching Jackie Brown recently, and being reminded of Samuel L. Jackson's horrible fucking ponytail, I decided to throw together a quick list of horrible movie hairstyles that I could think of off of the top of my head.

1) No Country For Old Men
The first picture perfectly captures this bob in all it's horrible glory. The second picture was so damn funny I had to include it too. Luckily for us, Anton Chigurh was such a menacing presence that we didn't spend too much time looking at his awful hair cut.

2) Mouth to Mouth
Thankfully Ellen Page's Sherry didn't have to spend the entire film with half of her head shaved. Only part of it until they shaved the rest. This horrible haircut pretty much sums up the life of this poor teen influenced by her gang like peers. P.S don't go dumpster diving.
3) Horrible Bosses
Who's idea was is to put this terrible comb over on Colin Farrell's beautiful face? WHO'S IDEA WAS IT!? Actually, despite making me want to die a little on the inside this do really worked with the tone of the film. Which was obviously 'fucking hilarious.'
4) Napoleon Dynamite
Perms are not Jon Heder's friend. The only thing more awkward about Napoleon's lop sidded perm is the fact that he never shuts his mouth. (His lips hurt real bad, you know.)
5) The Labyrinth
If you can get past not staring at Jareth the Goblin King's giant bulge (I can't, that's why the picture is only shoulders up) then you are forced to lay your eyes on his hideous mop. It can only be described as a hillbilly mullet that belongs in Motley Cru.

What horrible movie hairstyles come to mind for you?


  1. Haha love that second photo of Bardem! His hairstyle in Skyfall is also terrible. Another that comes to mind is Jen Aniston in Bruce Almighty, she looked as if she didn't brush her hair in months.

  2. Hahaha, very nice list. Bardem's hairstyle in that movie still freaks me out.

    Oh, and every single Nicolas Cage hairstyle deserves to be on this list, lol.

  3. Taylor Lautner's long hair in Twilight, Cameron Diaz in being John Malkovich, most of Nic Cage's hair, Tom Cruise in Magnolia... but yeah, Bardem is top of the mountain.

  4. Great idea for a post! Yes, Colin Farrell's dreadful comb-over in Horrible Bosses was perfect for the sleazy, ridiculous character.

    How about Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading?

  5. Love this post. What about Cameron Diaz's hairstyle in the There's Something About Mary? You know, in *that* scene.

  6. Love this list. I thought Farrell's 'do in Horrible Bosses was one of the best things about that movie. That top was epic.


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