Indie Gems: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What if you could erase your bad memories?
Joel (Jim Carrey) has just gotten out of a relationship with Clementine. (Kate Winslet) It's extremely hard on both of them, and when Joel learns that Clementine has underwent a procedure to wipe Joel completely from her memory, Joel wants to do the same. During his procedure, technicians Stan, (Mark Ruffalo) Patrick, (Elijah Wood) and receptionist Mary (Kirsten Dunst) get a little side tracked. Joel, who is asleep tries to save his memories of Clementine. We see in his mind how they try to hide from being erased, but will they get a happy ending?
Kate Winslet is golden in everything she does, and there's no exception here. This movie belongs to Jim Carrey in what I think it his best performance to date. He had already had a few serious roles in Man on the Moon and The Truman Show under his belt, but this is the film that really sold me on his dramatic skills. I find that I can't even enjoy his comedies anymore because he's just so damn good in films like these. I remember seeing this in theaters and hearing an usher describe it to someone as "Total Recall with better acting." Hardly. I'm sure it was a joke, but this movie is so beyond that. I remember being floored when it didn't receive a Best Picture nomination. Thankfully it won for writing, or else I would've thrown something at my TV. (I say that at least once a year during Oscar season) I'm sure nearly everyone reading this as seen Eternal Sunshine, but if not, please watch it. It's different in the best of ways.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "No, just let me keep this one." - Joel (Jim Carrey)


  1. I liked the film but I don't love it quite as many people do. I comletely agree about Carrey and Winslet being amazing, though. Very good performances from both of them.

  2. Nice review. Glad this won for writing too, and at least Kate Winslet was nominated.

  3. I'm glad you reviewed this -- it's one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm not a big fan of Jim Carrey's comedy, but I thought he was great in this and in The Truman Show.

  4. This movie was a lot to take in when I saw it in theaters at 17. It's incredible and highly original. Carrey and Winslet make the most unlikely couple, but really sold the idea in this about great acting. The two of them together was flawless.


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