Rambling TV: Breaking Bad recap + Boardwalk Empire

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Walter White is evil, there's not disputing that, but in episodes like 'Granite State' I can't help but feel bad for the guy.
Turns out Saul is skipping town as well, he gets to be Walt's roommate as they await the vacuum repairman to send them to their new lives. Walt wants revenge on Jack for everything he's done, but Saul is reluctant to give him the names of hit men. He pleads Walt to turn himself in and make Skylar and the kids' live easier. Walt's dying anyways, but he won't budge.
Vacuum man ships Walt off to a lonely cabin in New Hampshire with no phone, no internet, no nothing. (Except two copies of Mr. Magnorium's Wonder Emporium.) By the time he returns to give Walt his make shift Chemo, Walt begs him to stay for just two more hours. It's sad to see Walt like this, despite what he's done.
What's even sadder is Jesse's situation, he picks the locks on his handcuffs open with a paperclip, and tries to escape. He's caught of course, and Todd and co bring him by Andrea's house, and promptly shoot her in the head so he knows not to run again. This scene was beyond heartbreaking, Aaron Paul really owned it. I'm guessing this is his Emmy submission for next year? Sure, it was stupid of Andrea to just walk out in the dark and turn her back on a person she doesn't know, but I'm still sad about what happened to her.
Does anyone else have the same moral dilemma going on in their head when it comes to Todd that I do? I hate him, because he killed an innocent child. Then he does something like bringing Jesse ice cream, and I'm like "aww, that's sweet, Todd." Then he goes and does something like shoots Andrea in the head. Not cool, Todd.
Walt wants to mail some cash to Junior's friend's house, and he calls him at school by having some woman call and pretend to be his aunt Marie. Junior wants nothing to do with him and tells him to die.
Walt then calls the DEA to alert his location, but when the local police arrive, he's gone, and only the Breaking Bad theme is playing in the background.
There's just one episode left. I think I'm going to cry like a baby when it's over.
A few quick things about Boardwalk Empire
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*Richard Harrow is my favorite character, and the relationship between him and his twin sister, Emma is so interesting. I hope they touch up on this more, maybe by having her move to Atlantic City with him. (You know if it was the other way around, he would be written off the show since this is technically Nucky's show.) Unfortunately he's not in the preview for next week.
*Come to think of it, I think this show would be better if it was focused all around Richard.
*I'm assuming we're going to see Margaret soon since Nucky was talking about Teddy in this episode.
*No Michael Shannon this episode, that was disappointing.
*I think Eli's son is going to die, I can just see it coming.
*Is Mickey Doyle gonna have to slap a bitch?
*Oh look, a machete.



  1. Oww thank you for the 'lovely'! God the ending to this episode was one of my fav scenes in the whole show. Amazing. I hope he goes full Heisenberg in finale.

    1. Any time! The finale definitely lived up to my expectations. I'm sad to let this show go, but I'm glad they went out on their own terms and didn't just run out of material.


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