Rambling TV: Breaking Bad episode 5.12: Rabid Dog recap

Walt and Jesse forever?
gif via kathpierces "he cares about you."
Oh Breaking Bad, you sure know how to build, build, build.

We start with Walt coming to his house, seeing Saul's crashed car outside. He gets out his gun, goes through the house, but there's no Jesse in sight. Better call Saul -- He does. While a cleaning crew tries to take care of all the gasoline in his house, Huell goes off to look for Jesse. Later when Skylar and the kids get home, Walt feeds them a bullshit story about how he got soaked with gas. (A faulty gas pump) Junior thinks the worst, that cancer caused Walt to faint again. You can tell how shitty Walt feels as he tries to cling to his story. He suggests they stay at a hotel to be safe.

Later at said hotel. Walt meets with Saul, who's still looking for Jesse. They mention that they bugged Badger's house and heard him talk about Babylon 5 for three hours straight. HA! Sheldon Cooper would be fuming. Saul asks Walt if this is an "Old Yellar" situation, meaning are they going to put Jesse out of his misery? Walt absolutely dismisses this idea, which is great because we see that he still actually cares for Jesse and doesn't want to kill him.

Once he gets back to this room, Skylar admits to spying on him meeting with Saul. Walt is forced to confess about Jesse trying to burn their house down. Then Skylar, does something that just gives me another reason to hate her, she insinuates to Walt that HE NEEDS TO KILL JESSE! Goddamnit Skylar, I get that you are afraid for your family, but you are not helping here. Great timing too, since Anna Gunn wrote that article where she totally misses the point on why there's a good amount of people that hate Skylar.

Then we get a time jump to find out where Jesse really went - Hank, who's been following him since Saul's, busts into Walt's house just as Jesse is about to light a magazine on fire. Jesse screams "He can't keep getting away with this!" Hank says they'll take him down together.

Hank takes Jesse to his house, after a good night's sleep, he and Gomez have Jesse tape a confession, telling everything from the beginning. They believe him, but they still don't have concrete evidence against Walt. (Personally, I thought the ricin cigarette could potentially be evidence, but what do I know?)

They listen to the messages Walt has left Jesse. (I guess Saul gave him the number for that Hello Kitty phone.) Walt offers to meet Jesse in a very public place. Jesse of course is skeptical. He's sure Walt will kill him if he goes. Hank and Gomez want to put a wire on him and get that evidence. When Jesse leaves to use the rest room, Gomez says that he thinks Jesse could be right, Walt might kill him. Hank doesn't give a fuck. He just wants that confession. Poor Jesse, no one is on his side.

Jesse gets all wired up and sent on his way to meet Walt. He sees a shady looking dude staring at Walt, and assumes that's a hit man. (He was just waiting for his daughter) Jesse calls Walt on a pay phone and says "Nice try, asshole. I'm going to get you where you really live." He leaves, Hanks pissed, but Jesse has an idea. We then cut to Mr. White calling Todd and saying he might have another job for his Uncle. Noooooo Walt, you CAN'T kill Jesse! He's like your surrogate son!

Whatever the female version of being "blue balled" is, this episode did that to me. There are SO MANY unanswered questions I have, and there's only four episodes left? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO FIT IT ALL IN?

Here's a picture of Richard Madden reading a book in the snow, because Jesus Christ this man could not get any sexier.


  1. Okay, I NEED to see Breaking Bad. I've been planning and planning but everything you said here... I gotta have a piece of that. Thanks! Love your reviews!

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, Breaking Bad is a must watch! I think it's the best television show I've ever seen. There's never a dull moment.

  2. LOL I've never even heard of Richard Madden. I find it strange/hilarious that you concluded with his picture. But yes, lady blue balled! SO MUCH TENSION.

    1. Richard Madden plays Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, I included him for no reason other than he is sexy as fuck. lol. I wanted that meeting between Walt and Jesse SO BADLY! Gahh!

  3. I skipped through the post, since I'm gonna watch the whole season in the beginning of the October but I love that pic of Madden :)

    1. When you do finally watch this, you'll have something more to edit into your post about why everyone hates Skylar so much. She did not make her case in this episode.

  4. I feel the show peaked in season 3, and has gone down from there. At this point I'm only sticking with it to see the end. Hopefully they give us a satisfying finish.

    1. Really? Aww. The season 4 finale blew my mind. (and literally blew other things) I love this show so much.


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