Guilty Pleasure Review: Detention

B.I.T.C.H: Beauty. Intelligence. Talent. Charisma. Hoobastank (what, they're good.)
Students at Grizzly Lake High School are terrorized by a murder dressed up as a popular fictional killer, Cinderhella. The story is told mostly from nerdy Riley's(Shanley Caswell) point of view as she ends up in detention and longs over Clapton. (Josh Hutcherson)
I seriously don't know what the fuck went on in this movie, but it was pretty funny to watch. This comedy is so self aware that every single character comes off as a cynical mess. The plot implodes on itself as the movie goes on, and you'll certainly be asking yourself. "What the hell did I just watch?" when you're finished, but at least you had fun along on the way. Plus Shanley Caswell is a good narrator.
Memorable Quote: "KFC serves popcorn chicken to assure to their customers that the chicken was blown to bits. Americans want chickens to die!" - Gord (Travis Fleetwood)


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