Rambling TV: Breaking Bad recap + notes on The Newsroom season finale

So on a scale from one to Red Wedding, how much did you freak out over last night's episode of Breaking Bad?
I always said that Seven Thirty-Seven (season 2 episode 1 of Breaking Bad) might have been the best hour of TV I've ever seen. (That and Kissed By Fire in Game of Thrones, of course) but Ozymandais now takes that honor. How the hell is Vince Gilligan going to top this?
We got a cold open of Walt and Jesse's first cook (aww) Walt calls Skylar to lie about where he is, she plays it off. They discuss "Holly" as a name for their pending baby girl. They like it, they talk about getting together as a family, all is well. The next scene we're back to the same place in the desert, only with Gomez lying dead on the ground and Hank injured. Hank crawls towards Gomy's gun, but Jack stops him. Walt tries to beg for his life, and offers the neo-nazi's his 80 million fortune.  Jack shoots Hank in the head anyways, Walt lies on the ground in shock will they dig up his fortune.
This is where I switched sides on Walt very quickly. As their digging up his money and leaving him only one barrel, I'm all "Aww, I hope Walt kills every single one of them." THEN Walt gives away Jesse's hiding place. Jack is going to kill him, but Todd wants to keep him around to beat some information out of him about what he told the DEA. Then he'll kill him. Walt drops the bombshell on Jesse that he watched Jane die. "COME ON WALT!!! Sure, you blame Hank's death on Jesse, but really!?"
Remember this scene? Gahhhh!
The last shot of Jesse we get is him, beaten badly, being forced to cook with Todd while being held on a leash, with a picture of Andrea and Brock leaving their house to boot. Poor Jesse.
Marie, in full on bitch mode comes to the car wash to tell Skylar that Hank arrested Walt, and that she needs to tell Junior about it. I feel bad for Marie, because we know she lost her husband, but I still thought she was completely out of line for coming to Skylar like this. When they break the news to Junior, he obviously doesn't believe them and even tells Skylar that "if you knew, you're just as bad as him."
They drive home to find Walt packing, and he urges them to hurry up. It dawns on Skylar that Hank is dead. She thinks Walt killed him. She grabs a kitchen knife and tells Walt to leave, she swings it at him, and cuts his hand. Walt tackles her and tries to wrestle the knife away from her. I seriously held my breath during this entire scene because I thought Holly or Junior was going to get stabbed accidentally. Walt bites her, and takes the knife, Junior throws himself in front of his mother and calls the police. Walt, who can't believe this is what it has all come to leaves, but not before taking Holly. Fucking Anna Gunn OWNED this scene.
gif via cfranklin87
Walt is changing Holly's diaper, and Holly sweetly asks for her mama. Can a baby get an Emmy nomination? I'd say she was pretty spot on for all of this. What an adorable little face! Walt calls Skylar at home, the police and Marie are all ready there. Walt, knowing his, takes full responsibility for his actions, and belittles Skylar while doing it. "You stupid bitch" he calls her. "Why couldn't you just stay out of it? You never appreciated me." Walt sounds like Heisenberg, but when you see his face, he's got tears running down it. He's still trying to protect his family by taking credit for everything and removing any blame whatsoever on Skylar. I feel bad for people that watched this scene and didn't understand that is what was happening. Walt, as evil as he is, didn't want to say those thing, but he had too. When he tells them they'll never see Hank again, Marie loses it. Skylar just wants Holly back.
Walt, after giving Holly a long hug drops her off at a fire station with her address pinned to her clothes. It's probably a good thing she'll be too young to remember all of this.
The final scene is Walt meeting with the vacuum cleaner guy, and leaving to start his new life. So what next? We all know he comes back? I'm assuming the ricin is for Jack and his Nazi friends? Will Walt save Jesse? Or will he kill him? Or will Jesse kill Walt? I really just want to see those two in another scene together, properly talking things out. Judging by the preview, Saul comes into this some how. There's only two episodes left. The Emmys are next week, I'll be tuning out for an hour. Hopefully nothing interesting happens during that time, because no one will be watching.
A few things we learned from The Newsroom season finale.
gif via bellebryant
*Don and Sloan finally kissed! That made me happy, those two are perfect for each other. Plus Don saying "What I have can't be taught." before Mac screamed at him was hilarious.
*This episode was so light hearted, it was exactly what I needed after watching Breaking Bad.
*Leona Fucking Lansing. LOL

gif via vaskik
*I think I'm the only person that really doesn't care for the Will/MacKenzie relationship. I know they're supposed to be the center of the show, but them getting together really didn't do much for me.
*I hope a good chunk of season 3 is about their lawsuit with Jerry Dantana, because I need to see those scenes. Especially after that speech Don gave to Rebecca. I want to see Jerry iron his clothes while wearing them too.
*I wanted to punch Maggie in the face at the beginning of this episode for being so smug, but at the end, I'm glad her and Jim finally got to talk, and that her and Lisa will hopefully straighten things out. Please don't let Maggie be such a teenager next season. Give her character the growth you were trying to give her all season before you fell flat on your face on episode 8.
*Does this mean I have to see more of Hallie next season? Ugh.
*Neal deserves employee of the month.
*Charlie is still my favorite character and I loved that last scene with him and Reese.
*Fuck that D.C news anchor bitch.
On the side, Boardwalk Empire killed a dog in last night's episode. Not fucking cool. But on the bright side, they had this scene..


  1. I honestly would have accepted Breaking Bad ending with that last scene.

    1. I think I would've too. I would want more, but I'd accept that.

  2. I was really confused that maybe I'd confused ep 14 with ep 16 because this felt so… final. And ALL props to Anna Gunn and GOD, that scene with Walt taking all the blame and flat–out lying to keep Skyler safe(r) was just too much – I'm so happy he still has SOME of his humanity left. I'm a bit sad I can watch the next two eps now, since I'd need at least a week to cope… but I can't stay away, of course.

    PS. Next I'm starting The Newsroom. I love your recaps so when I reach the finale of it, I'll get back to this post. :D

    1. This episode is easily the best hour of TV I've ever seen. God it was just so perfect. I actually just re-watched the finale again last night. I'm so sad this show is over.

      Yay! I dig The Newsroom. I think I liked season 2 better than 1.


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