Indie Gems: Into The White

Can't we all just get along?
I must have a soft spot for WWII movies. They've been done time and time again, yet I always find myself checking out a new one.
Into The White is based on a true story. Three German soldiers, Lt. Horst Schopis, (Florian Lukas) Ut. Josef Schwartz,(David Kross) and Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk (Stig Henrik Hoff) are shot down over Norway. With Schwartz wounded and no civilization in sight, they take refuge at an abandoned cabin. Soon, they run into two British pilots who were also shot down, Captain Charles Davenport (Lachlan Nieboer) and Gunner Robert Smith. (Rupert Grint) Though they start off on the wrong foot, these men need to put their differences aside to survive.
The German soldiers came off far more sympathetic than their British counterparts, which is a different approach than what we usually see. I also love the fact that this movie avoided any bad CGI with the planes being shot down, and only showed a shadow in the snow. With the exception of Nieboer, all of the actors are standouts, and their characters are interesting. Though I didn't care much for Nieboer's performance at all, it's not bad enough to ruin the film.
I sought out this film for Rupert Grint's performance, and he did not disappoint. I really hope he has more visible roles post Potter.
Grade: B-
Memorable Quote: "....Did you just speak?" - Robert Smith (Rupert Grint)


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