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The Walking Dead
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We're back at the prison, and things look a little different. They've rebuilt the fences, they have a little farm, animals, and plenty more red shirts people. It seems everyone has their part. Rick's been farming and trying to be a better parent. There's a council that makes decisions consisting of Sasha, Daryl, Herchsel, Carol, Glenn and Maggie. Carol and Daryl look like they grew a little closer (which I fucking love, by the way) Carl and Michonne are comic book pals when she's not off searching for The Governor. Things seems to be going status quo.
We learn Rick hasn't been carrying a gun, yet the others want him too. Especially when he goes beyond the fences to check the snares they have set up. When Rick was out there, I was half expecting him to see Ghost Lori again. (He didn't, Thank God) but he did meet another shady looking loner. Despite the collection of people they've acquired, he's obviously still skeptical about letting just anyone in. He says he has three questions she and her spouse need to answer.
Daryl and Sasha lead a run out go an old grocery store. They take a few newbies along with them. One of them ponders taking a bottle of booze, he decides against it, but when he sets it back down on the shelf, the whole thing tips over, making a loud enough noise for the walkers on the roof to hear. Too bad that roof is starting to rot through, so it's literally raining walkers on top of everybody. That's gruesome. (awesome) Poor Kyle Gallner didn't make it.
Shady bitch turned out to be just that. When she and Rick arrive at her camp, she tries to stab him. Turns out this husband she was talking about has already passed. Distraught, she stabs herself instead. Rick asks her the three questions while she dies. 1) How many walkers have you killed? 2) How many people have you killed? 3) Why?
Carol is reading the children stories, when the other adult leaves the room, she turns it into knife lessons in stead. Carl catches her, and she asks him not to tell Rick. I fucking love Carol, she keeps it real.
When Rick gets back, he notices a pig that he and Carl were talking about early on has died. I had flash back of Contagion watching that.
Karen and Tyrese are an item, and Tyrese is still a giant teddy bear who hates killing walkers. Glenn and Maggie had a pregnancy scare. Maggie says she doesn't want to be afraid of living, Glenn doesn't see how she could even consider wanting to have a child.
Daryl goes to tell Beth that he boyfriend (played by Kyle Gallner) is dead. She gives zero fucks anymore. She has a little work place sign in her room that says "30 days since an accident." she changes it to zero.
The final scene is another one of the survivors wondering around through the showers. He looks ill and collapses. Apparently illness is going to be a major thing this season, so here's the beginning of it.
Overall, a good start to the season in my opinion. The "raining walkers" bit looked awesome, and it looks like we're going to see a lot of character development this season. I look forward to it.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
*I think I am officially the only person that didn't like this episode. All other reviews seem to be pretty positive. Look, I appreciate them bringing the tesseract into play, and acknowledging that SHIELD, even though it has great intentions, can be a pretty damn shady organization, but this show really needs to kick the corny factor. The Avengers, and all of the other Marvel movies have always been funny, but they've never been as corny as this.
*Brett Dalton continues to be the black hole of charisma.. I can't even sympathize with his charactor's tough past, he's just so boring.
*Skye needs to die at the end of this season. If her pathetic punches on that punching bag weren't enough, I'm sick of the moral dilemmas her character is having. It's so predictable. Let her save the rest of her team and go out in a blaze of glory for all I care, just get her off this show. I can't even get on board with the theory that she could secretly be this marvel character, as much as I would love for them to include more characters from the comics.
*I find Fitz and Simmons to be among the most interesting characters, yet they're strictly used for comic relief. That should change.
*I really just wish this series was a little bit darker. I know that's apparently asking a lot, but I want this show to succeed. I look forward to viewing this show every week, then when I actually do, I feel like I'm forcing myself to watch.
Boardwalk Empire
*This week's episode was easily one of my favorites.
*Margaret finally made an appearance. I know most people hate her, I don't. I hated her story line last season, but I always thought she was an interesting character. It was nice to see her have an awkward conversation with Nucky. Especially because we got this gem:
Margaret: This isn't some creature is it? (after excepting a box for Teddy's birthday, which is that dead lizard that Nucky picked up in Florida)
Nucky: I wouldn't put anything alive in a box...

And the winner for Poorest Choice of Words Ever is Nucky Thompson.

*Mickey Doyle is such a dick, but I love him for it. He and Eli had some great scenes this episode.

*Richard is FINALLY back. They should never go more than one episode without him. I really hope he gets to stay with Julia and Tommy and have the family he's always dreamed of having. I also hope he comes face to face with Gillian again at some point because that would be awesome. I loved that last scene of him and Tommy walking on the dock, and the camera cut up to the stars. It's like maybe Jimmy and Angela were looking down on them.

*Chalky White has a gigantic stick up his ass. We're talking a Burj Khalifa sized stick.

*I could not believe Nucky actually punched Sally back in the face. I about died. Then they had crazy awkward Steve Bucemi sex. Kind of like Chalky White would do later on.

*Aww Eli really does care about his children above anything else. That's sweet. Meanwhile Mickey Doyle will be killing rats with Eddie's cane.

 The Daily Show
Did anyone catch this interview Jon Stewart did with Malala Yousafzai? I can't believe how emotional it made me. You could tell it made Stewart feel that way as well. This girl is going to do a lot of good. Check out her interview if you missed it.



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