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The Walking Dead episode 4.2: Infected
aww baby Judith!
We open with the sneak peak scene we got last week; someone feeding the walkers through the fences. It's dark, so we don't see who it is. All you can reall see is a white person's hand. My moneys on the older girl (who's name is escaping me at the moment.) The one that named the Walker Nick. She's kind of got sociopath written all over her face.
We got a really sweet scene with Karen and Tyreese. Still rattled from what happened at the grocery store, he sings to her a little. After Karen leaves, she searches through the bathroom after hearing a strange noise, but her flash light dies before she can go further. Lucky for her, because poor Patrick is re-animated and decided to feast upon some poor guy's intestines in the cell block.
Everyone else is starting to wake up. Glenn takes a cute picture of Maggie with a polaroid camera before their watch. Rick gets a little time with Judith, before he and Carl go out to farm. They meet Michonne on the way, she's going out on another Governor hunt. Carl asks when he's going to get his gun back, while Rick struggles to answer, we hear a loud noise. Rick runs towards the prison while Carl tries to let Michonne back in the gates. She's attacked by two walkers and falls back, injuring her ankle. Carl picks up a gun and shoots one of them, Maggie takes care of the others.
By the time Rick and the others get into the cell block, all hell has broken lose. There's walkers feeding on people everywhere. That guy Patrick was eating gets up and lets his insides fall to the floor. That was fucking disgusting. Daryl also saved a small child so all of his fan girls can have a collective ovary explosion.
Carol's ready to chop some guy's arm off when she realizes he's been scratched in the neck. He's the father of the two young blonde girls. We'll call them Sophia 2 and Soci until I can stop being lazy and look up their names. He asks Carol to look after them like their her own. I'm thinking "WHY DID YOU TAKE SOPHIA FROM US!?" Actually, I'm more concerned with Carol being jeopardized. She brings the girls in to say goodbye. Soci says she should be the one to make sure her father doesn't come back, but she breaks down at the last minute while Carol does the deed. I thought those two girls were wonderful here, they looked so distraught.
Rick reluctantly has to kill many of the people that have turned. He and Daryl find Patrick and figure out he wasn't bitten. Dr. S (One of the red shirts that's now getting a name) tells them this seems like a virus, and they are all exposed. We also get a little lesson in why the walkers were bleeding from their eyes. I'm uncomfortable.
Carl is shaken up about having to shoot a walker to save Michonne. I actually think deep down, he's more afraid of what Rick will think. Rick explains they  need to stay separated. The council meets and decides they need to isolate those that were in that cell block. Karen is coughing, so she's at risk. Tyreese doesn't look happy about her having to be split up from them.
Daryl and Carol have a cute little moment. Awww. Rick and Daryl also have a heart to heart while burying the dead. Daryl says Rick deserves his break, but he was glad to have him back helping. Beth wraps Michonne's ankle, and she says that Maggie and Carl shouldn't have risked their lives to help her. Beth says they care about her, and worry comes with caring. Judith is all adorable playing with cups in the cell, then she starts growling and freaking out. That's exactly how babies are. Seriously. Sometimes mine laughs and cries at the same time. Carol is outside talking with Sophia 2 and Soci starts freaking out because Walker Nick is dead. "She's not weak, she just messed up." Sophia 2 tells Carol. Clearly. Graphic Novel spoiler ahead that doesn't really have anything to do with the show at this time - I almost wonder if Soci is going to take the place of Ben in the comics. Ben was kid that kind of turned into a psychopath himself. He slaughters his twin brother Billy because he knows he's going to come back. Carl ends up shooting him to protect everyone else. Will Soci take the place of Ben? Will she go nuts, kill Sophia 2, then Carl will have to go to that dark place and kill her? Just a thought. End spoiler.
There's a group of walkers at the fences and they're starting to push it down. Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and Sasha start stabbing bitches walkers. Sasha notices that someone has been feeding them. (Ah, those girls' names are Lizzie and Mika. I'm still not going to edit this post.) The fence is starting to break, we get to see a walker's face get squished through the chain link.
Carl and Carol argue about whether or not he should tell Rick about what he saw in the library last week. Carol doesn't know if those kids' parents will understand that she's teaching them about survival. Carl doesn't want to lie to his dad. Carol says he doesn't have to, he just shouldn't say anything.
Beth is singing to Judith while Michonne exercises. Judith spits up on Beth, and when she hands her to Michonne, she's reluctant at first. She eventually takes her, holds her close, and cries. We wonder if Michonne lost a child.
Rick and Daryl figure out a way to lure the walkers away from the gate - by cutting up their pigs. and using them as bait. Earlier in the episode, Hershel mentioned that pigs spread disease) God, that scene was hard to watch.
Carol talks with the girls, Soci takes her knife. Carl bitches out and tells Rick about Carol. (Although at least the little jerk mentioned he should LET her do this) Rick is visibly upset, but eventually says he won't stop her. He gives Carl back his gun, and puts his own back on. Then he takes his shirt off. (YES!)
Tyreese brings Karen flowers (seriously, how fucking adorable is he?), but finds a trail of blood instead. It leads him to two burnt bodies, one of them is Karens. dun dun dunnnnn.
Boardwalk Empire episode 4.7: William Wilson

*Seriously, look at Rothstein's face. I about died during that scene.

*J. Edgar is such a world class douche. I felt a little bad for Colliver there.

*More Stephen Root, please.

*I actually loved the scene with drunk Eli lecturing Nucky about family. He brought up Mabel killing herself after their son died. I wonder if Nucky is really regretting killing Jimmy right about now. He's going to have no legacy. This is after all, Eli's family. Not his.

*Speaking of the Darmodys, how the hell did Gillian out live everyone? And where is this storyline with Piggly Wiggly going?

*Al Capone shooting that guy in the face in the opening scene was insane.

*No Richard or Van Alden. This displeases me. They're not in the promo next week either.

*I wondered aloud how Dr. Narciss wasn't as important as I thought he would be. After watching last night's episode, I'm pretty sure he (or someone under his orders) is going to kill Chalky.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 1.4: Eye Spy

*This has easily been the best episode of AOS so far. Sure, it stumbled with the usual downers, Skye is still an uninteresting spaz and Ward is still a black hole of charisma, but they established a legitimate story that could continue through the rest of the season.

*They should keep Akela (Pascale Armand) around. She is what I expected more SHIELD agents to be like. Itseemed like she fell in the line of Romanov, Hawk Eye, and even agent Hill.

*Speaking of which, they should stop making Fitz and Simmons purely comedic relief. They're supposed to be geniuses, but why do they have to be awkward about it? They would both benefit by a bit of character growth, and I'm really hoping we get that this season.

*They did bring up an interesting point. There are no known telepaths in this Marvel world. Legally, we know they can't exactly talk about The X-Men because Fox owns the rights to them, where as Disney owns the rights to nearly everything else, but this could be a really interesting development. All signs point to Avengers: Age of Ultron bringing in some mutants. Is AOS going to be the place we are first introduced to them? Is Elizabeth Olsen going to cameo as Scarlet Witch here before she hits the big screen? (I know that's an unconfirmed rumor, but you catch my drift) I always assumed the characters in this show might cameo in the Avengers movie, but the show could be an interesting platform to introduce some characters we will see in Ultron.

The Big Bang Theory episode 7.5: The Work Place Proximity
gif via tbbt-faves
*Does anyone else wish Amy would just dump Sheldon? I do. Especially after this episode. Sheldon was a complete jerk to Amy. I think she should dump him, go have crazy wild sex with someone, then Sheldon can try to win her back. I just don't see why Amy puts up with that shit?
*That final scene with the guys popping balloons with lasers instead of talking about their issues totally reminds me of something my husband and his friends would do.


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