Weird Horror Wednesday: Orca

Rupert Pupkin has been posting many other film fan's favorite underrated horror movies. Some of the titles brought me back to a time when I was around 13-14 and my friends and I would rent crappy horror VHS tapes from the video store. There are 5 Wednesdays this October, and every Wednesday I'm going to post musings on a different horror movie. These are by no means great movies, in fact, all of them are pretty terrible, but they stick with me for one reason or another.

*The documentary Blackfish actually used a short scene from Orca in part of their film. It's probably two seconds in length, but it's the only part of that movie where I actually laughed.

*Orca was like Luciano Vincenzoni's answer to Jaws. Some boaters kill an orca's pregnant mate, and that orca understandably loses his shit and starts terrorizing said boaters.

*When you think about just how intelligent orcas really are,  I can kind of almost see this happening. Not in the over the top murderous way this movie played it out, but when young orcas are captured in the wild, it was common for the rest of the orca's pod to swim after them, even once they were on the ground, they followed in the sea as the trucks carrying them drove down the road.

*I don't want to make this an anti orca captivity rant, I already did that in my Blackfish review, (although admit it. You could totally see Tilikum going on a rampage like this, right?) so let's get back to this crazy ass movie.

*The first time I saw it was actually on TV, and it was right on the part where the baby orca fetus falls out of its slain mother. (ew) I was kind of flabbergasted, because seriously, who thinks of this shit?

*Orca vs Jaws actually became an ongoing debate between my friends and I. We watched our tapes of these movies back to back many times and mused on who would win in a fight. (I always said Jaws, but in reality, an Orca would probably win.)

Have you seen Orca? What are your thoughts?


  1. I haven't seen this one but I guess they don't call 'em killer whale for nothin' eh? I always thought of them as cute from my visit to Sea World but not anymore!

    1. They definitely earn the name Killer Whale. I would check this out though if you ever get the chance. It's weird, but I'm strangely fond of this movie.

  2. Terrible but campy movies are OK, like the the recent Sharknado. But aren't a lot of horror movies like these? Looking forward to your Weird Horror Wednesday series!

    1. Oh for sure. Out of all the horror movies I picked out for my Weird Horror Wednesdays, this is probably the only one I could revisit over and over.

  3. I haven't seen Orca, but it's on my watchlist. :)

  4. Have you seen Blackfish yet? What did you think?

    1. I did see Blackfish (I linked my review in this post) powerful stuff. I actually cried when I finished watching it.


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