Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, S.H.I.E.L.D, and Big Bang

~Author's note: I think I'm going to change up my format a little. Instead of doing a full blown recap, I think I'll just do a quick over view of the scenes + my thoughts for my main show. I'll stick with the bullet points for the rest of the shows.~

The Walking Dead episode 4.3: Isolation

We start off with Tyreese showing Carol, Rick, and Daryl the burned bodies of Karen and David. Tyreese says that since Rick was a cop, he needs to figure out who did this and bring them to him. Tyreese HAS TOO MANY FEELINGS and goes all Hulk and punches Rick in the face, leading Rick to Hulk up in retaliation and kick Tyreese's ass a little until Daryl breaks them up.
More people are falling sick, the council decides to isolate the children, and Rick puts Carl in charge of keeping and eye on them because if anyone is good at staying put and doing as he's told, it's Carl.
Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and eventually Tyreese go out on a run to a veterinary college that Hershel thinks people may not have raided yet. While Daryl is messing with the radio he hears a voice, and like a genius takes his eyes off the road. They run into a big fucking heard of Zombies and need to bail on foot. When it looks like Tyreese will be overwhelmed, he has his "gym moment" (which he had in the comics) and kills a ton of Walkers and makes it out alive. This may be the only time in history having too many feels and going batshit work to your advantage.
Glenn catches the flu, so Maggie is obviously upset, she's even more upset when she finds out Hershel not only went out into the woods to gather herbs (With Carl, surprisingly not at his post) and that he plans on making tea for all of those infected and helping them since Dr. S is also sick. Hershel says they're always in danger and he needs to help them somehow. Then Dr. S coughs blood in Hershel's face later. You'd think the doctor would know better?
Carol, who's been in an extremely pissy mood during the entire episode sneaks out of the gates to fix their water pump. Rick notices her, and saves her just in time when some walkers start to go after her. Then Carol's behavior dawns on Rick, and he later asks if she killed David and Karen. Carol says yes, drops her imaginary microphone and simply walks away.
I'm a huge Carol fan, so I'm going to stick up for her. I don't think she murdered Karen or David. I think they were already dead before she burned them, at the least, they were very close to it. She obviously had good intentions. Then again, did Lizzie kill them, and Carol just catch her and drag the bodies out? That's an idea. Either way, I'm curious as to what Rick is going to do. From next episode's teaser, he goes out on a run with Carol, so he obviously still trusts her. It also looks like we're going to get a flashback of some sort when it comes to dragging those bodies. Writer Gale Anne Hurd was trying to give some insight on Talking Dead last night, but Marilyn Manson would not shut the fuck up long enough for anyone else to get a word in. I finally turned it off. He was worse than Hayley Williams guest-wise on that show.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 1.5: Girl in the Flower Dress
I couldn't find a picture I liked for AoS, so here's a Game of Thrones/Mean Girl mash up for you instead.
*Wow, AOS. It's almost like you're trying to make me hate you. This episode had some of the most God awful dialogue I have EVER heard. So clich├ęd and generic. What a disappointment, especially since the plot made quite a few significant points.
*We found out why Skye is so interested in SHIELD, it has to do with her looking for her parents. Skye is a better character when she is serious. When she's trying to make jokes she often comes off as forced. I still don't care for her over all.
*Apparently Ward doesn't care for her either, because you'd think he'd be disappointed that she was a double agent. All his facial expressions are the same, so you can't really tell what he's feeling. He just looks bland.
*They are introducing mutants little by little. There is a character in the Marvelverse called Raina, though she looks nothing like the girl in the comics. I wonder if the girl in the flower dress will have any similarities with her.
Boardwalk Empire episode 4.8: The Old Ship of Zion
*It's about time someone from the outside mentioned Willie's arrest.
*My God, I love Mickey, even if Nucky doesn't. Poor blue balled Mickey.
*Nothing like a good long shot of someone's brains coming out of the back of their head. Yeesh.
*Where the hell are Richard and Van Alden? This every third episode shit is getting on my nerves.
*Eli has so many damn kids that they could be subbing actors in each different episode and I don't think I'd notice.

The Big Bang Theory episode 7.6 The Romance Renounce

*Howard singing to Bernadette was the cutest thing ever. It's scenes like that where I don't understand why so many people hate this show.
*I also loved Leonard's reaction to Penny keeping things he's given her. Galecki really is underrated as Leonard sometimes. Just the way he delivers his lines are brilliant at times, but he's constantly over shadowed by Parsons because Sheldon is a more complicated character.
*Speaking of Sheldon, how cheap was that dream sequence between him and Amy?


  1. Now that I've finished BrBa, should I start Agents of Shield? It seems kinda… well… crap. :D

    1. No, it is kind of awful. I'm only watching for Iain De Caestecker at this point.

  2. I really like Howard's song, him and Bernie are definitely my fav couple in the show :)

  3. omg your walking dead photos are the best!

    1. Thanks! I made them myself. :) Which is why they're not cool looking captioned gifs because I have no idea how to do those.


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