Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead season finale

The Walking Dead episode 4.8: Too Far Gone
Wow. That mid season finale certainly delivered. I have to say, it was an all around great episode. Of course I still have my Carol gripes, but that's to be expected from me, right?

*The beginning of the episode kind of got on my nerves until members of Team Prison showed up. I could care less about Governor red shirts.

*Daryl and Ricks 3 episode confrontation? Well, I'm glad it finally happened, I'm glad Daryl was clearly mad about it (Caryl is pretty much canon now, right?) but the problem I had with it was Rick's huge speech he gave to the Governor. He said "we can't be too far gone" and that he "doesn't make decisions anymore" Well, too bad he didn't give Carol that courtesy. It was such an emotional moment, I'm annoyed that this out of character bullshit distracted me from it.

*Oh Hershel, I saw that coming a mile away, but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm going to miss him.

*I'm surprised Rick didn't start his conversation with The Governor with: "Hey, remembered that time you raped one of my friends, tortured the other and then murdered 3/4 of your little village? That may have given a few other people something to think about.
*I don't think Judith is gone. I think one of those kids grabbed her, and Rick and Carl will have a tearful reunion.

*Based on filming SPOILERS - Apparently Carol will meet up with Tyreese and those kids. He doesn't know yet. I'm really hoping this stupid story has some decent resolution because I still see it as the assassination of my favorite characters.

*All and all, I'm happy with the episode, it was intense and sad and I will give show runner Scott Glimple the benefit of the doubt that they won't continue to butcher one of my favorite characters.


  1. Awesome episode!!! At first I was thinking that I was OK with The Governor as he makes a worthy villain. Much more threatening than some random zombie. But when team prison appeared half-way through, it confirmed how boring the last two episodes were without them.

    Anyway, Daryl rules! Not even a tank could stop him! :) I would have been really pissed off if they killed off his character!

    1. There is no way they'll kill off Daryl. He's become AMC's merch cash cow, so he'll hang around.

  2. i actually really loved this midseason finale. they did tie up some things, and introduced other aspects--which is what a midseason finale is supposed to do. loving the suspense, even with daryl and Rick. love it

    1. It definitely has been the best mid season finale they've had. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season.

  3. I really dug this episode. After the two snore fests of the previous eps, this one finally had something going for it and was tense and sad to boot.

    I agree in your comment to asrap that they probably won't kill of Daryl any time soon (and I hope to God they don't, he's my secret obsession when it comes to the show).

    1. Oh God, those Governor episodes were awful. I hope they learned their lesson on "one character focused" episodes. They rarely work.


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