Indie Gems: Heartbeats

Imaginary lovers.

Marie (Monia Chokri) and Francis (Xavier Dolan) are best friends who both start falling for a sweet and unassuming dumbass, Nicolas. (Niels Schneider) He's blissfully unaware of Marie and Francis' affections for him, and soon things start to escalate between the two of them when Nicolas hasn't chosen one over the other.

This is a very thought provoking film. All three of these people start off as likable individuals, but slowly change as their insecurities come to light. Marie tries to be something she's not. Francis struggles with exception. Nicolas is well...just kind of daft with beautiful hair. 

Dolan must be a big Gregg Araki fan. The way this film was shot reminded me of scenes from both Mysterious Skin and Kaboom. I loved that. I love the color pallet Dolan chose for this film. He captures some beautiful moments, even if he over does it with the zoom and the slow motion shots. 

This is probably my least favorite Dolan movie, but "least favorite Dolan" still equals beautiful film that left me with a lot to think about despite its flaws.

Grade: B- 

Memorable Quote: "Do you have think of movie stars when you fuck?"


  1. Right now, this is my least-favorite Dolan film though I do think it's an excellent film. It just didn't connect with me as much as his other films.

    1. Agreed. Like I said, least favorite Dolan is still good, but I didn't connect with this one very much either. I still have yet to see Tom at the Farm.

  2. I remember loving the film, but it's been a while since I saw it. Still, it's not Dolan's best work, I agree.

    1. No, but if Nolan's worst work is "Heartbeats" than that's still a very impressive filmography.


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