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Don't worry, Reddit didn't make a feature film.

Katie (Britt Robertson) decides to take a year off between high school and college to do a little soul searching. She has a boyfriend, but she spends most of her time waiting for her older fuck buddy, Dan (Justin Long) to call her. He has a girlfriend of his own, so she's always the one waiting. After her mother forces her to quit her job working for Glenn (Martin Sheen) she becomes a nanny for a man, Paul (Christian Slater) who she also starts up a sexual relationship with. She does this all while chronicling her life on her blog, the terribly named: Undiscovered Gyrl.

This film surprised me. It had luke warm reviews, (check out Mettel's) but I'm in the mood for older Christian Slater so I found myself watching and enjoying it. Britt Robertson is very good at playing a sexually charged teenager. (see her in Cherry) The fact that Katie is in so much control of her sex life is refreshing. Katie has her demons, which she eventually faces, but she's very confident in the way she carries herself. Most films like this would get very dark, which is my thing, but this one never quite gets to that point. It reminded me of another recent indie gem I watched, It Felt Like Love, only Katie is the polar opposite of Lila. 

The ending though - SPOILER ALERT - while apparently true to the book this is based on (Undiscovered Gyrl, still a terrible name) is a little frustrating and require you to decide for yourself what happened. Is she lying? Pretending to be her mother so she can start over? Did she get kidnapped and murdered? Choose your own adventure!

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "Did dad die?" - Katie (Britt Robertson)


  1. Jenna mentioned this film to me the other day! I quickly scrolled past the spoiler alert but this sounds like something worth seeing :)
    - Allie

  2. Thanks for the mention and I still stand by my initial thoughts about this movie. Especially now since I've forgotten it, I had to refresh my memory about the ending as well.. so in a long run, still lukewarm to me. :D

    1. lol yeah, judging from reading around, it's lukewarm to a lot of people.

  3. Another film I have not heard about but nice to see Christian Slater in a movie. This gal sounds much more mature, at least sexually, than many people are...hell I was a naive little twit

    1. LOL. Yes, I agree it's nice to see Slater. He really struck gold with Mr. Robot this year, I'm glad there's more quality stuff he's in to watch.


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