Rambling TV: Thoughts on Fargo and Agents of SHIELD


Well that was a hell of a penultimate episode. We finally see the big Sioux Falls shoot out that was referenced in season one and it did not disappoint. Well, I'm a bit disappointed the Blumquists continue to live.

Lou's wife, though, that made me so sad.

Hanzee getting a proper revenge story is interesting, and I love that they brought Martin Freeman back to narrate. (Even if it was kind of a weird change considering they've never done that before)

So what do you think of the UFO? I didn't mind Rye seeing it in the first episode, I thought it perfectly symbolized paranoia of that time, but I'm not crazy about everyone seeing it again. It's just weird, I'm not sure where they're going with this.

Agents of SHIELD

I have to say, I love Mack taking charge of SHIELD like this. Man is sexy when he's handing out orders. I also love May being the only person with her shit together during that siege.

Let's talk about Will. Pointless Will whose now dead. His literal only purpose was to create a love triangle between Fitz and Simmons. I knew it, and it was still terrible. Will died saving Jemma, then was possessed by "It" when Fitz and the Hydra crew found them. He killed several of them. Ward and Fitz got into a scuffle, (Fitz needs more combat training) only for them to get split up. Fitz kills NotWill, and Coulson kills Ward, though I knew as soon as they left Ward on that planet that he probably wasn't dead forever.

I hated the ambiguous look Jemma has when she's waiting for them to come out of the portal. Was she sad Will was dead? Or that Fitz was safe? Why does Jemma care so much about this card board cut out of a dude again? I'm grateful this story is finally over.

The final scene was FrankenWard, now possessed by "It" who apparently got out of the portal after the SHIELD crew did. Of course they're not going to let their big bad go.

Also Daisy and Lincoln feel kind of forced. Why are they making out in front of their colleagues again?

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  1. Fargo is so bats**t crazy this season, and i love it.

    1. It is! I still think I like Season one a bit more though, especially for the cast.


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