Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and Fargo.

Rambling TV is a weekly series were I ramble about what I watched on TV this week.

I'm a bit late on this. Last week was hectic with work and traveling to see my family for Thanksgiving, so I didn't even get to watch the last two episodes of Fargo until the following Monday. Then The Walking Dead mid season finale made my eyes roll into the back of my head even though I knew everything that was coming. 

The Walking Dead

Oh Scott Gimple, what where you thinking with this episode? You let the plot drive the characters instead of the characters driving the plot. Notice everyone in this episode was considerably dumber than usual? Rosita, Tara, and Eugene, normally very resourceful individuals sit around and do nothing for a good portion of the episode. Carol, who during J.S.S formulated a plan immediately and got Morgan to go along with it now decides she needs to kill the Wolf Morgan wrongly has imprisoned RIGHT NOW, only for Morgan to literally body slam her, then get knocked out himself by his idiot captive. Rick and Michonne don't have the sense of urgency to tell Sam to turn his damn record player off. Carl actually covers for Ron when he tries to kill him. 

They also incorporated the wonderful "woman trips over nothing" trope into both Carol and Maggie's stories. Excellent.

The only big death was Deanna, who while I was hoping would go out like a boss actually had a fairly stupid death, though she at least had a few good speeches before she bit it. Carol and Morgan's fight was beyond ridiculous for both characters. Morgan is endangering everyone by forcing his beliefs on them. Keeping that wolf was a mistake, he could've easily gotten the drop on Denise (who is now a hostage) since he left them alone. And having Carol decide to take care of that now instead of figure out what to do about the herd was fairly out of character for her. She always has a plan, but Gimple needs Carol to be a plot device for Morgan. So we're stuck with it.

This episode also ended too early, leaving out a huge comic moments that's going to now come in episode 609, but would've made a much talked about finale. Now I'm worried everything after that will be rushed. 


They actually went the Walking Dead bottle episode route this week. The first episode saw everyone except the Blumquists. Bear actually kills Simone after catching her with Mike Milligan, in a very haunting scene. Lou fails to arrest Mike, and instead takes off after the Blumquists.

Then those idiots get an episode all to themselves where they take Dodd out to a lake cabin and try to sell him for random. There's a very strange scene where Peggy is watching a TV show, and is so engrossed in it that the show comes to life on our screen. Strange, but interesting. This all ends with Hanzee tracking them down, shooting Dodd in the head, then getting into a shoot out with Lou and Hank. (And almost killing Ed in the process) Seriously, can the Blumquists just die already? Their stupidity is astounding. It's sad when you're almost rooting for Dodd, the biggest douchebag in this series.

Agents of SHIELD

This episode literally got off with a bang. Coulson and Rosalind are having a nice dinner only for Ward to snipe and kill her from a distance. Coulson goes in full on rage mode, interrogating his original team, making Mack the Director, and going off the grid to kidnap Ward's little brother as collateral. Ward ends up holding Fitz and Simmons hostage at the castle in England where they opened the portal. Fitz immediately starts stuttering again at the sight of Ward and is forced to listen to Simmons' screams as they torture her for information. He agrees to go down into the portal. FitzSimmons have a sweet moment, even though it includes the most contrived dialogue in the history of this show, but it was sweet and of fucking course they split them up again. Ward has to lead this mission into the Monoloth, and at the very last second. Coulson jumps out of a fucking plane and dives into the portal at the last second. 

Next week is their mid season finale too, and the wait is going to be rough.


  1. That episode of Fargo was crazy! Probably my favourite so far of this season. It does feel a little wrong though when I wished Ed died instead of Dodd though...
    - Allie

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that dilemma. Peggy and Ed have messed up so much they either need to die or get life in prison lol.

  2. i can't believe they made Carol trip either. that's so not her


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