Rambling TV: Thought on Fargo and Jessica Jones


Look at that picture! Allison Tolman had a voice over as adult Molly talking about her life, and they showed this scene of the original cast. I loved it.


The finale was pretty underwhelming, especially compared to last year's but it still had some good moments.

Peggy has gone full on insane, imagining that Hanzee was trying to smoke her and Ed out of the freezer they were hiding in. Ed has this look of "I'm so fucking over this" right before he dies. It's very fitting. Later, Peggy's dumb ass keeps going on about how it's not really her fault until Lou shuts her up and tells her people died because of her. 

Lou's wife didn't die, that surprised me.

Mike Milligan, after working so hard to "move up" so to speak is now going to be stuck in a tiny office. That's probably not a good idea, he looks like the type that would go all Nelson Van Alden and kill his co workers.

The most interesting part (aside from that flashback) was Hanzee actually breaking up a fight between a young Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers and two other boys. So he's the mastermind behind season one's hitmen. That was cool.

Overall, another solid season of Fargo and I can't wait for season 3!

Jessica Jones

I started watching Jessica Jones. So far, I like it. Krysten Ritter has the best resting bitch face out there and the story is interesting, but they are trying way too hard to be the "sexy" MCU TV show. Don't get me wrong, I like that they included sex scenes at first because it was different, but now there's so many and they're awkwardly placed AND paced. They're too long and give us the sense of "Did we really need to see that instead of focusing on the plot?"

It gets corny at times, but I'll stick with it. It's got a lot of potential. 


  1. Don't worry, they do pull back on the sex scenes later on in the show - I felt like they were throwing a little too many in there at first, but I think it's just them trying to set the 'dark, edgy and sexy' tone. By the end of the season, Jessica Jones was easily one of my favourite shows from this year. Interested to hear what you think of the rest of the season :)

    1. That's great to hear. I think the dialogue is super cheesy at times. I'm up to episode 7 right now. I'm enjoying it, I just have a few issues here and there, but overall it's good.

  2. I wasn't as thrilled with Fargo's finale as I wanted to be either, but overall this season has been great so I'm happy with that. I've just started watching Jessica Jones, too! It's a bit slow right now but I trust that it's going to get better :)
    - Allie

    1. I agree, Fargo had such a strong season that I can forgive a lackluster finale. Better Call Saul did the same thing.

  3. I agree about Fargo. The finale was pretty underwhelming. Except for the connections to season one, it was kinda boring. I was sad that Ed died ('cause I really liked the actors) but Peggy was pretty off-her-rocker. Kirsten was really great this season, and I'm happy to see her nominated. :)

    1. She was fantastic, I wanted Peggy to die instead of Ed, even though that sounds terrible.

    2. I wasn't really rooting for Peggy to die, but Ed's death was so sad. He just wanted to be a butcher and have kids, and then ended up dying in a meat freezer. Dayum, the full circle.

    3. I know, it was really sad and he looked so defeated by the end of it. Especially when Peggy was talking about the smoke that wasn't there.

  4. I wasnt too disappointed by the finale, I thought it was good enough and did well to cap off the brilliant season. Its a shame we'll have to wait till 2017 for Season 3 :/


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