Underrated Gems For Girl Week

You know I love my indies, and so my last contribution to Dell's wonderful Girl Week is going through my catalog of reviews and sharing some of my favorite female led favorites. Click the titles if you wish to read the old reviews

Afternoon Delight
Kathryn Hahn and Juno Temple give wonderful performances as a bored housewife who attempts to "save" a woman who doesn't need it. 

I only reviewed this last year but I can't help but love this little lady. I think this is one of the best movies out there that incorporates religion into its plot, if not the best. 

52 Tuesdays
This follows a young girl who deals with her mother's transition.Director Sophie Hyde actually shot this movie on each Tuesday for an entire year with no professional actors and it's remarkable how it turned out.

I Used To Be Darker
This title sums me up, I tend to gravitate towards stuff like this. Taryn is a teenager who runs away to live with her aunt and uncle only to arrive at the worst possible time. 

Child's Pose
Luminita Gheorghiu gave an Oscar worthy performance as a mother who's feeling the sting of her son leaving the nest...and then some. 

Water Lilies
I feel like I talk about this French coming of age film all the time but SEE IT

Violet and Daisy
What better way to celebrate Girl Week then a female led assassin comedy? This one is for you. 

Hello I Must Be Going
Another one I've mentioned frequently, but Melanie Lynskey gives a career best performance here. 

Wicked Little Things
I can't make a list without adding a little horror. I fully admit that this isn't great, but it's creepy and focuses on a mom and her two daughters dealing with ghosts. 

Factory Girl
Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick is not talked about enough. She absolutely shines in this movie.

Notes on a Scandal
This is one of my favorite movies from the year it came out. You can't go wrong with Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett

This film was the first indie gem I shared on my blog. I could relate so easily to lonely Audrey and her relationship with her friend Calista

Thank you for hosting Girl Week, Dell!


  1. I've seen Afternoon Delight, Violet and Daisy, and Notes on a Scandal from your list. I liked all three - Blanchett and Dench were amazing! Wadjda is on my watch list, heard good things about it.

  2. I've only seen Wadjda and I absolutely loved it. More people need to see it.

  3. Still haven't seen any of these. Shame on me. 52 Tuesdays sounds really intriguing.


  4. Wadjda is a great film as I also have love for Hello, I Must Be Going. Sienna Miller was the best thing in Factory Girl but man, that film fucking sucked. It's one of the worst bio-pics I had ever seen. Guy Pearce was an OK Warhol but everything else just didn't click while I was more bothered by the many inaccuracies I noticed as well as Hayden Christensen as Bob Dylan.

    1. Hayden as the Bob Dylan knock off was bad but I actually really liked Pearce as Warhol.

  5. I've only seen Hello, I Must Be Going and Notes on a Scandal.

    I didn't love Going but agree that Melanie Lynskey was fantastic in it. She really should have a bigger career. Funny how the vagaries of chance have kept her a working, respected but underused actress while her Heavenly Creatures costar Kate Winslet has exploded to a much greater level.

    While I admire both Blancehett and Judi Dench I hate, hated Notes on a Scandal. They both did excellent work but in the commission of a vile piece of dreck.

    I read the biography of Edie Sedgwick "Edie" and the idea of watching someone on such a purposeful slide to destruction isn't appealing added in with the fact that I don't care too much for Sienna Miller.

    But I am intrigued by several of these titles and have already queued up Violet & Daisy. Thanks for the tip!!


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