Thursday Movie Picks: Over A Meal

This week's theme from Wandering Through Shelves is memorable scenes that take place over a meal. When I saw this topic, these three films came to my mind immediately:

1) Jurassic Park

Lex and her Jello shaking when she hears the dinosaurs approaching is absolutely iconic. Honestly, Lex herself is iconic. She's the most underrated character in all of Jurassic Park. They should dump Chris Pratt and just bring her back. Then maybe the new films wouldn't be so awful.

2) Inglorious Basterds

Hans Landa ordering cream for Shoshanna's strudel had me on the edge of my seat. And this is a film that already opened with a very tense scene involving her family hiding from the nazis. Shoshanna kept it together while he was there, but the viewers were a wreck for her. 

3) Lady and the Tramp

Is there a more iconic scene involving spaghetti? I still have zero interest in the live action remake though. This was fine.


  1. I stan the strudel scene from Inglourious Basterds!

    1. I do too. That entire movie, really. It's my favorite of Tarantino's.

  2. Love the way you went with this and I've seen all three this time!

    Jurassic Park is a great thrill ride, if they only could have let well enough alone!

    I'm in and out on Tarantino but I did like Inglorious more than most of his films. That was a good scene in it.

    And it might surprise you that I have nothing bad to say about The Lady and the Tramp since it's animation. It's a lovely film and I share your disinterest in the new version, they'll never be able to capture the charm of this one.

    This was a little tougher for me and I bent the rules a bit with my last but I enjoyed all three of these.

    Babette’s Feast (1987)-In the 1870s two deeply religious elderly sisters living in an isolated Danish village take in Babette a French refugee from the Franco-Prussian war who becomes their housekeeper working basically for room and board. A decade and a half later Babette wins a large amount of money in the lottery, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the sisters' father, a devout Christian minister who had a great following in the village. Babette decides to throw an extravagant dinner for the remaining followers to honor the occasion. However the dinner will be French and once the ingredients start to arrive, the na├»ve villagers suspect that something unholy is about to take place. Winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar and a feast for the eyes.

    The Hundred Foot Journey (2014)-When his family and he are displaced from their native India Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal), a very talented amateur chef settle in a small French village and decide to open an Indian restaurant. However, Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), the proprietress of an acclaimed restaurant just 100 feet away, strongly objects. War erupts between the two establishments, until Mme. Mallory recognizes Kadam's impressive skill in the kitchen and takes him under her wing.

    The Song of Lunch (2010)-An adaptation of Christopher Reid's narrative poem tells the story of book editor “He” (Alan Rickman), meeting ex-girlfriend “She” (Emma Thompson) a decade and a half after their initial break-up. She, now the society wife of a French writer residing in Paris and He a failed literary aesthete trapped in a mundane, unsatisfying publishing job who pines for the loss of their love affair meet at a chic SoHo restaurant that meant much to their relationship for a nostalgic lunch. All starts well but quickly becomes mired in recriminations. This one is a bit of a stretch since it premiered on Masterpiece Theatre but with Alan Rickman & Emma Thompson front and center it has a cast better than most films.

    1. I need to find The Song of Lunch! I miss Rickman so much.

      I'm surprised to find an animated film you enjoy lol

  3. Yes to Jurassic park and that scene. I thought she was great and am surprised she is not in more movies. That scene in Inglorious Basterds is edge of your seat horror especially with how he eats his strudel. I love Lady and the Tramp and have no desire to see the remake which looks fake. I swear I am ready to see those 2 dogs do a bark, and then flip

    1. She's a painter now but I wish she had taken off as an actress. I thought she was wonderful.

      Unless they're Planet of the Apes, I hate live action/CGI animal movies lol

  4. Ah, 3 amazing picks. Especially Inglourious Basterds as that's a film that I so love. I too will not watch that live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp. I'd stick with the original and original only.

  5. Can I just take a moment and applaud the Baby Yoda header!?! :)

  6. Man, that Jello scene from Jurassic Park was really intense! Such an awesome movie!

    Here’s my Thursday Movie Picks!

    Ronyell @ The Surreal Movies and TV Blog

  7. Nice picks! I totally agree about Lex. She's underrated, especially since she is the one that brings the power back on. And that scene in Inglorious Bastards. UGH. It's wrong that Melanie nor Diane were nominated.

  8. I've seen Jurassic Park of course, but don't remember much anymore including the scene you're referring to.


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