Review: My Son

Edmond (James McAvoy) gets a call from his ex wife, Joan (Claire Foy) that their seven year old son has gone missing from a campsite. Edmond is forced to take things into his own hands when it comes to finding his son.

Director/Writer Christian Carion remakes his own French language film of the same name, with the same premise. The big seller for this film, is that James McAvoy, like the lead in his previous film, was not given a script, and is tasked with reacting at all the other actors who know what's going on. For an actor, it's a great exercise in improv. For a moviegoer, it's kind of a mess.

Selling your film on only one actor not having access to a script, and then turning out *this* doesn't make for a great case. I didn't feel like anyone in this movie had a script. It felt like couple ideas written down on a napkin. Like they jotted down a few points they had to hit, but not really how to get there and definitely not to explain anything afterwards. 

James McAvoy is really good in this. This was probably very fulfilling and challenging for him as an actor, so I'm glad he has that. Scotland is also a beautiful place. So cinematography-wise it's gorgeous, yet cold and unforgiving, but the story is such a mess. Had I actually paid theater money for this, I think I would've been a lot angrier, but it streams for free on Peacock and is less than 90 minutes, so I can't be too mad about how I spent my evening.

Recommended: No

Grade: C-

Memorable Quote: "Do you ever stop and think if you're a good father?" - Joan (Claire Foy)


  1. I don't have Peacock as I'm not really interested in having it. Plus, I don't want to have any streaming service related to Meekmahan-land.

    1. I only have Peacock for Premiere League and I didn't even look at the movie offerings until I saw Halloween Kills was streaming, so I was surprised to find it there. I will say, Dr. Death was a very good mini series on Peacock, so it's been worth it for me.


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