Review: House of Gucci

Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) is a normal woman who by chances, meets Maurizio Gucci. (Adam Driver) His family is behind the powerhouse fashion empire, and Patrizia takes this opportunity to pursue him, fall in love, and eventually instigate several changes within the company.

A movie like this could go several different ways and for one as hotly anticipated as this, many people had their expectations set. For me, I wanted over the top and ridiculous. One look at Jared Leto in his fat suit, and Lady Gaga's over the top accent in the trailer, I knew what I wanted from it. 

Thankfully, I received that. As much as I dislike Leto as a person, his take on cousin Paolo Gucci made me laugh my ass off. For a film that cracks two and a half hours, that levity was needed throughout. The real stars are of course Gaga and Driver, who are both well cast. Patrizia has a big personality and Gaga was perfect for her. Maurizio is shy, and I love when Driver tackles these more understated characters. 

The costume design is top notch and one of my favorite parts of the film. The sets were gorgeous and what I would expect from a film with "Gucci" in the title. If there's one thing that works against the film, it's the hefty run time. It's overlong, but at the same time manages to STILL leave out what I thought would be important information. Maurizio's "heel" turn felt like it lacked some additional context, then there's the murder that's the climax of the film. There's no explanation on HOW they got caught, which I thought they would spend some time on. They really rushed through it.

This film is currently in theaters and I hope a lot of people get out to see it this holiday weekend.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "I don't want to spend the rest of my life with you." - Maurizio (Adam Driver)


  1. I remember reading about this case so the movie intrigues me though there seems to be a lot of discourse surrounding it!

    1. I purposely avoided it so the ending would be a surprise. They took a lot of liberties. lol

  2. I did read about what really happened as I might see it for Gaga and Driver but Leto can go fuck himself. I hope he does a movie with Shia LaBeouf. I just want to see who is insane enough to direct these 2 jackasses to see who can lower themselves to be taken seriously. Mark Kermode's Leto impression fucking killed me. I hadn't laughed like that since his thrashing on The Entourage Movie.

    1. They'd try to out method each other. Leto's interviews make me cringe so hard.


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