Girl Week 2021 - Studio Ghibli Edition

The wonderful Dell over at Dell on Movies is once against hosting a Girl Week blogathon! From November 22nd through the 28th, the topic on Dell's blog is going to be focused on women and anyone can participate. If you follow me on letterboxd, you might know that I've been going through HBO Max's Studio Ghibli library in order to watch all of the films. So I thought I would start my first Girl Week post focusing on my favorite Heroines from the Ghibli films I've seen so far.

Chihiro - Spirited Away:
I have to start my list with the main character in one of my all time favorite movies. What I love about Chihiro is her heart. She comes to care deeply about many of the people she encounters in this film, and her loser parents don't deserve her. 

Sophie - Howl's Moving Castle:
Sophie is another character with a lot of heart, she's sweet and a bit of a smart ass and very brave. Not that she would acknowledge the last part.

Kiki - Kiki's Deliver Service:
I adore Kiki, she's a go-getter. She's excited to be out on her own for the first time, she jumps right into her new job head first. I admire her ambition.

Umi - From Up on Poppy Hill:
Umi is a dreamer with a hell of a work ethic. I love her for that. I wanted her to take a break because Lord, does she deserve one, but she kept going. She's strong.

Shizuku - Whisper of the Heart:
Watching Shizuku, I felt like I was watching myself in junior high. Being awkward, writing little songs, overthinking conversations I had with boys, I just love her. On top of that, this is such a cute young love story.


  1. I've only seen 2 of these films in that list. Yet, I enjoy them all as I hope to watch more Studio Ghibli films.

  2. I definitely need to watch the SG stuff on HBO Max. I keep scrolling past it saying I'm gonna do it, but haven't done it yet. Of these, I've only seen Spirited Away, and it's an amazing film. Of other SG movies I've also seen Princess Mononoke, which is also very good. Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to watching some of these. Maybe this will finally push me to do it.

    1. I hope so! Princess Mononoke was great, but the ones like Whisper of the Heart and From Up on Poppy Hill surprised me the most, because I rarely hear people talk about them.

  3. You know this sort of film isn't my deal but it's interesting to see that some of them have strong female protagonists.

    1. I really, really hope you change your mind and watch one of these one day lol

  4. I haven’t seen any of these but leave it to Japanese anime to create strong women

    1. They're really lovely films. I hope you get to see at least one someday!

  5. Wonderful list, Brittani - and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to comment, as it was your tweet that inspired me to take part in the blogathon!

    I got into Studio Ghibli this year and have watched five films so far (Ponyo, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, The Secret World of Arrietty, and Only Yesterday).

    Chihiro is a brilliant character and goes on such a journey - both physically and emotionally.

    I really appreciate the fact that so many Studio Ghibli films have female leads, particularly girls. If I have children I'll definitely introduce them to Studio Ghibli.

    1. I'm glad you stopped by! I hope you like the Ghiblis I mentioned here that you haven't seen. They're wonderful.


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