Review: I'm Your Man

Alma (Maren Eggert) is a scientist who accepts a part in a trial where she will spend three weeks with a cyber human who is programed specifically to her needs. That man is Tom (Dan Stevens) He's programmed to be the perfect man for her. But can he really be?

First off, this movie asks quite a lot of me. Here I am, having to suspend my disbelief that having a robot that looks exactly like Dan Stevens is somehow regulated to the futon in the guest room right away. Atrocious. If I had a robot Dan Stevens tailored to my specific needs, my life would be perfect.

In all seriousness, Alma makes a pretty good point with her assessment of the situation, but it's still somewhat hard to watch. There's a whimsy in this film, where I disregard logic and I just want Alma to be happy with the hot robot. I'm human. I'm allowed to want this.

The film itself is very unique, and Eggert and Stevens have nice chemistry together. Alma can be very frustrating to watch at times, because I couldn't help but want her to just chill for a moment, but I related with her tenancy to be a workaholic and get consumed in that. I was that person for a long time.

I think the film somewhat struggles with its pacing at times, but I enjoyed myself. This is far more than a simple thirst watch for me. It's a very interesting commentary on something that could potentially be a thing in the future. Think the episode of Black Mirror "Be Right Back" only not as depressing.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "So that's the cock of my dreams." - Alma (Maren Eggert)


  1. I heard some good things about this as the idea of Dan Stevens as a robot for your needs is something I would like to have. Make feel secure about myself and be the shoulder to cry on. Yeah, that's the dream.


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