Review: C'mon C'mon

Who's it for:
Parents, introspective people, hipsters.

Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) is a radio journalist traveling across the country interviewing kids for his latest project. When his sister, Viv (Gabby Hoffman) runs into some issues with her husband, he takes his nephew, Jesse (Woody Norman) along with him. 

I have to admit I wasn't all that excited about seeing this movie. But my indie theater got it and it's had a fair amount of buzz behind it so off I went. It far surpassed my expectations.

To get the bad thing out of the way, the film itself is kind of ugly. I know I always complain about contemporary black and white but this film is a great example of why I think it doesn't work. This movie would've benefitted from some color, especially when they go to New Orleans. Thankfully the heart of the story makes up for it. 

As a parent to a very energetic child, this really spoke to me. My favorite scenes were when we got to listen to Johnny interview kids. Their answers to questions like "What do you think the future will be like?" are so pure. One of the most rewarding things I've found about parenting is when your child shares their big ideas and this film was full of those. I loved watching Johnny and Jesse's relationship grow from barely anything to a wonderful friendship. 

I hope we see this in the Original Screenplay line up at the Oscars. It would be worthy.

Grade: B+


  1. I never heard of this but it sounds good. I always like what kids say to questions like this and their open eyes to the future. We can learn from them.

    1. We can, and it's a really fascinating part of this movie. I hope you get a chance to see it!

  2. I do want to see this as I've heard great things about this. I'm not sure if it's still in my local multiplex but there has to be something for people who don't want to see *insert awful studio film*.

    1. Yeah, my theater is already losing it this week, they only had it for 2 weeks total. Theaters need to lower their prices so people can afford to go to more than one movie a month.


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