What I Watched on TV In December

Happy New Year! I hope no one is nursing a hangover. I wish I could say we went out of 2021 with a bang, but with the loss of TV legend Betty White yesterday, we went out with sadness. What a career she had. I don't know of a single person that hates Betty White (and if you do, kindly fuck off) It's not easy to be so universally loved. Fly high, Betty. 

And back to the usual around here, this is what I was watching throughout the month of December. 

Succession -
I loved this season and the finale was a Red Wedding style massacre without the blood. The final shot was perfection. The Roys are quite extraordinary characters. Kendall is such a GD mess, but I felt so bad for him in these last few episodes. Shiv deserved to get her comeuppance, but I'm not even sure she was prepared for what Tom did. I can't wait for next season

Insecure -
We said goodbye to one of the funniest shows on TV. I'm not crazy about Issa ending up with Lawrence, but I am glad she and all the girls ended up happy. That's what I wanted most. I've been listening to Insecure's Spotify playlist nonstop all week. I'm not ready to say goodbye fully, so I'm glad I have that.

Dopesick -
I binged this Hulu mini series about Oxycontin pretty quickly. Admittedly, this was A LOT like Peacock's Dr. Death. Both are really good series and worth your time. I'm not sure if one is necessarily better than the other, but I give Dr. Death the slight edge. Dopesick, like Dr. Death told its story out of order, which makes sense for the most part, but it rendered some character's journeys, like Rosario Dawson's a little pointless because we meet her at the end of it, so we know what she accomplishes. Watching her go through all the motions when we know she's going to fail was just a weird choice. Kaitlyn Dever, Michael Stuhlbarg and Michael Keaton gave great performances. I liked the trial aspect of the film. And poor pussy whipped Will Poulter was amusing to watch.

Hawkeye -
I waited until all episodes were out to watch this because I wasn't as excited for it as I have been other Marvel properties, but it was good. Steinfeld and Renner were fine. I can't say I'm excited about either of them, but Yelena coming back was the highlight and it was cool to see King Pin in the MCU Proper. I'm not shocked the best moments all came from characters reflecting on Natasha. It's still hard not to be bitter about that. 

The White Lotus -
I watched all of this when I was home sick on Christmas day. Spending my day with rich, shitty people was certainly something. I had fun with this. I found the murder mystery aspect of it very engaging, and watching bad people behave badly was amusing. Sydney Sweeney was the star of the show for me. Her line delivery was hysterical. I still can't get over her telling her dad that her grandfather was probably a "power bottom." My girlfriend, Alexandra Daddario was wonderful too.

Station Eleven -
I loved this book when I read it years ago, but I wasn't sure how the mini series - about what life is like after a deadly pandemic was going to land while we're currently in a deadly pandemic. So far, it's very good. I like the changes they've made from the novel, giving smaller characters some more back story. Especially Jeevan. He sorely needed it. 

The Book of Boba Fett - Only one episode has aired as of this post, but it was a very strong opener. We saw exactly how Boba Fett escaped his Return of the Jedi fate, which should shut up some fan boys on the internet. I never tire of seeing Ming-Na Wen kick ass either. I'm excited to see where this goes. 


  1. Yup, I have not seen any of these. I wouldn’t mind trying Succession. I taped all the episodes of Dr. Death and was looking forward to binge watching it when I had an issue with my DVR and stupid The stupid cable service wiped out everything I had taped!! I hope you did not have COVID19 for Christmas but glad you are better. It was a shame to hear about Betty White because I thought she was going to make it to 100. I had a feeling she was going to de soon but I thought later this year. She knows how to end the year with a bang! Funny, on Facebook I noted how 4 actors from the Mary Tyler Moore show all died at the end of a month and all in 2021. Cloris Leachman in Jan., Gavin Macleod in May. Ed Asner in Aug. and now Betty. At least she is now with her husband whom she adored.

    1. Oh no! I hate DVR issues. I hope you can get a preview of Peacock to binge it or something. I didn't have COVID, thankfully. Just a cold. I've been lucky, I haven't been sick since 2019 so it was bound to catch up with my sometime. Thankfully I'm over it now.

  2. I enjoyed Hawkeye a lot and... how can anyone not love Yelena? Honestly, I would love to see her and Kate Bishop just have fun, kill some people, and be funny. I think the next Black Widow film should just be... Black Widow & Hawkeye where Yelena and Kate just deal with bad people.

    I'm sad that Betty White is gone and honestly, fuck 2021 for that. Anyone who doesn't like Betty White not only can fuck off but I will fucking suplex them onto a floor full of thumbtacks.

    I liked The Book of Boba Fett as I can't believe that is Jennifer Beals in that gif.... she's gorgeous as an alien.

    1. Oh I know! I didn't recognize her until I saw her name in the credits.
      I want Yelena to meet my girl Wanda. She needs some friends.

    2. OH!!!!! Can we get a moment where Yelena, Wanda, Kate Bishop, and Monica go shopping around New York City like in Sex & the City when it was a good show then? Plus, can Sylvie and the other ladies like Nebula, Mantis, Okoye, Nakia, and Hope play along as well?

    3. All the women except goop, please. lol

    4. AGREED!!!!! And Leticia Wright as I'm annoyed by anti-vax views. She should be replaced by KiKi Layne.

    5. I'm still so hurt by Leticia because she's such a great actor and I love Shuri as a character. It's so disappointing she's anti vax.

  3. Oh it's lousy to be sick on Christmas!! I've been there myself, you try to put on a brave front for everyone else all the time just wanting to crawl back into the bed you probably never should have gotten out of. Hope you're better now.

    I haven't seen any of these, I'm not much for series TV, but have heard of White Lotus.

    The loss of Betty White was such a shock! I can't say a surprise, the woman was 99 years old but she was doing interviews last week for the love of Mike!!! The deserved ballyhoo for her upcoming 100th birthday was so fervent and well meant it's a real pity that she wasn't able to bask in all those earned accolades. But what a life and a wonderful graceful and fortunately painless exit! That alone takes much of the sting out of her loss. But geez 18 days!

    What a very odd coincidence that all the remaining core cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show passed away within the last year. A huge loss of talent. :-(

    1. I am better now, thankfully! Lucky it was just a head cold. It was shocking even with her age, because she was just getting ready to celebrate her 100th birthday and like you said, she was still out there giving interviews. She must have had so may toasts to her name on New Years Eve.

  4. I enjoyed the last half of Hawkeye more than the first, wish there were more of Florence Pugh as Yelena. As for Succession, I really should finally watch it since there are *only* 3 seasons to catch up to so far, ahah.

    1. Oh definitely, Florence made it so much better. You should definitely start Succession. It starts slow, but then it never stops. It's great.

  5. I watched the first 3 episodes of Station Eleven and thought it was really great but that I should read the book first. Hopefully I can manage that before I get to far behind!

    Happy New Year to you!

    1. Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy the book, I went through it really quickly. Couldn't put it down.


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