Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: 2021 Freshman Series

 It's our first TV theme over at Wandering Through The Shelves and as always we always start - we're talking Freshman series of the past year. You know I'm a Marvel nut, and last year Marvel launched their Disney Plus shows. I enjoyed all of them so I decided to make this post a ranking of sorts.

1) Wandavision -
It's not surprising the show staring my favorite Avenger is also my favorite. As a fan of old TV shows and Wanda, this just worked for me. Wanda is a complicated character, and I thought the show handled her and Vision well. It also introduced us to a grown up Monica Rambeau, who I can't wait to see more of, and it brought back old characters like Darcy and made them better.

2) The Falcon and the Winter Soldier -
This might be controversial because I see this show at the bottom of a lot of lists, but I love Sam and Bucky's report so this one is higher on the list for me. I'm here for the new Captain America. 

3) Hawkeye -
I didn't expect to like this show that much at all, but Florence Pugh came in and just made it so much better. What I loved most about this was how present Natasha felt. I'm still bitter about losing her, but I'm glad Clint and Yelena keep her alive. 

4) Loki -
I struggled with swapping this and Hawkeye. I really liked this show over all, but Loki was the least interesting part of it. Everything else the show means for the MCU was far more interesting than him and his bullshit again. Though they did give us alligator Loki, which is still fucking hilarious. 

5) What If...
- This show was fun, but uneven. It had amazing episodes, like Captain Carter and T'Challa being Star Lord, but then it had some serious duds. Still, there's a lot of potential here. 


  1. Love that you made this all about Marvel! I did an end of the year Marvel ranking on my blog, where I ranked all the content (so the shows and movies) in one post. I had a pretty similar result as you did, just with What If and Loki switched. I did generally enjoy all of them though.

    1. Same. I feel a little bad calling one the "worst" even though I liked them all.

  2. I've only heard of the first two though have seen neither. People do seem enthusiastic about Wandavision.

    Well this is one of the weeks I would have sat out even if I was still doing this on the regular since I watch almost zero serialized TV, at least new ones.

    The only new series I sampled was Ordinary Joe because I like the star-James Wolk. Unfortunately I found it ambitious (good) but muddled (bad). I stuck with it through the season but if it comes back next year I don't think I'll return.

    1. I feel like you'd enjoy some aspects of Wandavision since they pull from classic TV. I adored it.

  3. I too went with a MCU-theme on my picks. For me as far as the shows so far...

    1. Wandavision
    2. Loki
    3. Hawkeye
    4. Falcon and the Winter Soldier
    5. What If...

    1. I think Loki would've been higher on my list if I wasn't so sick of Tom Hiddleston.

  4. Wow it is amazing that all these Marvel shows came out last year.
    I have only seen Loki but only the first few episodes.
    I think I started out with Loki first because this was the first series in the MCU timeline. And because I didn't like the Loki series, it has stalled my progression on to the other series as I don't know how much Loki's story contributes to the rest of the Marvel TV series.

    1. I watched them in order of how they came out. I think Wandavision is great and also a great starting place.

  5. Looooove the Marvel theme! I adored so many things about Loki, but Wandavision would be my number 1 pick too. It was so good, and it came onto our screens right when I needed a Marvel escape the most <3

  6. This seems popular this week even if you chose other Marvel shows. I do want to see all of them so I will see if I can rent them.

    1. Get Disney Plus! It's cheap and you can binge them all in a month.


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